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PERKS OF BUDGETING! (it’s not all bad)

Hello and good morning!

How was our week last week? Did you get a chance to catch last weeks blog! I will leave it linked down below!

I have not shared a lot about why I budget! The story behind it! The struggle and downs of it! Last weeks was a little story time of why I started to budget when I had!

This weeks I wanted to bring out some brightness to budgeting! There is many reasons why budgeting is often thought of as a long draining task! There is always the bright outline to it but, I find that it is ofter repeated of those top benefits! There is so much good things that come out of a good budget and many will have you always have a type of budget!

The reason, the drive behind ones reason for budgeting will change! With that the outcome will change too!

Budgeting is a lot like our routines! It will not always look the same for everyone!

Yes, the outline, the basics will be there and usually close to the same for almost everyone! The deep part of it all will be different because it is your budgeting!


When I had started thinking of budgeting it was not a positive inspiration! I knew it would pay off…… hopefully….. one day…. right?

I feel this is how many people start for feelings when they think of saving money! This is because you have made a life style that you like, or that maybe you striving for! If you live out side of your budgeting then it will add up, but we usually don’t notice this until we are in too deep!

This doesn’t have to be the case!

You don’t need to be in deep to start saving money, and it does not have to be a horrible time consuming no fun time!

The bright side to budgeting is that its your budget! Its your goals and your savings!

The bright side is you can be in control of your money and not have your money control your life! It won’t be forever however, I can tell you that when you actually start and you start seeing results and start having money again it can get to me fun almost addictive to see how much you can save!

It may turn into something that you will never stop budgeting or trying to save money, setting different money goals! Just like any goal when you get the hang of it it’s worth it all in the end!

When it comes to setting your budget and goals you can set your own speed! Reach the finish line when you wanted to!

When I was pulling us out of a flipping butt load of debt I did it as fast as I could! This was HARD! Everyone was on a spending limit on really everything!

You want to know something tho! When I had a talk with my family about the money changes that were goin to be happening everyone was ok with it! Yes, there was some days where it was not much fun, it was hard and sad! But, I explained what we were doing and why!


After a couple years! YES a couple years my husband said that he wasn’t sure how well it was working and maybe we should drop the “budget” and so you know what happened! I sat down with him and we re-looked at our debt! We checked in with ourselves if you will and you know what happened next? We kept going because looking at the debt that we had started with we were almost done already!

YES! You read that right we were almost out of our debt already! Now years sounds like a long time however remember we were in debt for THOUSANDS of dollars!

I remember opening our mail and looking at the statements and having such a overwhelming feeling of accomplishment! Like I said money is an addictive thing! I have never heard of someone who does not like money or who does not feel like they want more money!

The reality is the world revolves around money! This is a crappy aspect about being an adult but it is true!

When you find your budget and get comfy in it you will soon see just how much you may of been spending on well absolutely nothing!

These are things that I will be talking about throughout this money but, yes the reality is that probably half if not more of what you were spending your money on is nothing!

I hope you are getting excited about saving money this month!

I sure am!

If you are looking to save some money, maybe try to track your spending maybe, you are wanting to save for something new and exciting! I am here to say:


Lets get our money and budget under control!

I would love to have you come along with these money saving blogs this month! Make sure you follow the blog for LOTS of money saving tips and tricks!

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Hello and good morning!

How has your 2022 been going? I realize that the year has just began however this is the time of year that I find myself more in the red on my budgeting side then I want to be! I thought it would be nice to blog along while I revisit and redue my budgeting!

I guess I should take you down story lane to explain why I budget and how I know the importance of it!

Once apon a time a while ago the oil patch was not doing real hot (we are a one income household), everything had really started to go up in price, and the kids were getting bigger. I only had the two kids still at the time! We were high in debt! Living very tightly from paycheck to paycheck!

There was very little room to work on the debt, and the debt was gettign higher and higher!

I had enough!

I didn’t jive it and I was started to get stressed and overwhelmed!

Our bills were gettign high and the grocery bill was crazy and seemed to never be food lol!

Does any of this sound familiar?

I needed a change! I knew something had to change and I knew that I had to do it but, I knew that I had to want it to be able to do it!

That is where is all started. I sat down one day, lol ok well for longer then that but, the decision was made. I had sat down and looked for advice and mativation with any tips that I could! I had looked over pintrest and youtube! I made a game plan and told my husband of my plan!

He was a on board but didn’t know if I was going to do it as BIG TIME as I was saying! But, he sat down with me with our ” expense talks” there was definitely a couple that we had. lol

Long story short I have to leave some of the tips, tricks and fun for the blogs right! Anywho it turned out that we did a extreme budgeting and WE DID IT!

With a lot of hard work we cleared ALL OF OUR debt TONS of debt! We got it taken care of in under 4 years! Now that seems like a long time and it was a long time, we definitely got to loosen the road a little throught the time, but, the more debt you have the longer you will need to budget for!





Why you should budget:


There is so many wonderful reasons that I could tell you how saving money can help! But, we know that saving money can help.

Who doesn’t like money?

Who doesn want more?

It’s the work that goes into the saving that most don’t like! Unfortunately saving money and budgeting kinda goes hand in hand!

I am here too tell you that YES it’s hard work! Yes you can do it! Yes it will pay off! Yes, YES and YES to being able to stick to it!

Throughout the month of Febuary I am going to break down how I budget!

If you are wanting or needing to start budgeting or, don’t know how or where to start!

You are not alone!

Lets get this budgeting thing down this month and make 2022 a fantastic year!

Make sure to follow and get notifications when I upload a new blog! I aim to have blogs up on Monday’s. There is nothing better then motivation monday to set up a week! Right?

I also post and am hoping to post more over on facebook and instagram! I will have a link down below for the pages I would love for you to join over there too! There is daily cleaning morivation and mom life talk with tips and tricks on making it through the days!

Motherhood is hard but it sure can be fun! Let’s take care of each other and lift each other up!

Until nest week!

Have a wonderful day, a productive week and a fun weekend!

Bye for now!

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Happy 2022

Hello, good morning!

Happy Monday! How was your holidays?

This year was a good christmas! It was filled with great memories, great gifts, way to much food and some good drinks! This year was also a little different! The way that is was different was that I had my christmas decorations down before New years eve! This is almost unheard of for in my house!

Last year I had kept my tree up and made it into a Valentine’s tree! It was the cutest thing I think! I will leave a link for the blog… go check it out it was a cute and fun idea!

Valentine’s Fun!

So why the rush this year?

There wasn’t really a reason or a big rush however, this year like I said it was a great christmas. I has woke up tho one morning just after christmas. We has had christmas here with my husbands parents and brother, then boxing day we had spent with my dad! He is unable to come out to my house due to a knee injury he is still recovering from!

So, we did our christmas’s then for some reason I was good to end christmas there! I think I was conent I had said ” It was a great christmas and lets leave it there! Let’s let those memories be the end of the year!” Really I did!

With my hubby saying I could start with taking down the tree decorations I just kept on going! It really was just what I needed!

Now, that the new year is here I am still so happy that I took the time when I did and got the decorations but away and a clean start to the new year!

The last ocuple years have been a blur, as I am sure it has been like that for many people! These years have been a wonky one and I am ready to MOVE ON!

With the New year here I am ready to start 2022 with a wonderful start!

Do you make new year resolutions?

Do you ever pick a word for the year?

I had started thinking of word of the year a couple years ago and I liked it enough to keep doing it lol! I find it’s a nive way to sprinkle some possitivity and motvation on the start of the year! I also make new year resolutions however, I do that one a little different! I don’t do big lists of things that I might or might not do! I have been trying to take a couple spots in my life that I would like to work on and every month I will try to do something with that goal or try to incorporate it into my days instead of junping in and feeling like it will not work and just stop a couple weeks into it!

I aim to improve myself or my life vs changing big almost impossible tasks!

This year I had thought about it and, different words had popped into my head for the new year but, one word made my head and my heart agree on!

That word is:


This word I think is a good fit for me expecially for in 2022!

I had ended up going with this for a couple reasons. When I had thought of this one it had stuck with me in the back of my head even while I was thinking of other ones! With the last couple years we defentily had a couple twists and turns along the way! As i’m sure everyone had some unexpeced turns occur in 2021!

This year I know that I needed to be able to handle my days a little better! I do defentily have anxeity and tend to overthink and just struggle with my own thoughts throughout some days! This was doing no good for anyone!

This is why I am hoping and planning to simply just tyr to BALANCE my days! I tend to think that there is really only one way to do something! Everything should be done and done right! This is not the way I need to be thinking!

There is more and more reason when I think about it of why my word of the 2022 year is BALANCED!

As a stay home mom, a wife, trying to keep the kids fed and for the most part contect. With everything that we do as a mom and a wife we are then also ALWAYS reminded that we need to make sure to take time for A,B anc C! This was not a strong suit of mine, in the aspect that I will not stop until its ALL done! Which some and probally most days is not possible to do everything that we are told we need or should be doing!

I picked the work BALANCED to remind my self and to try too become more BALANCED!

If you try to do to much at once it will be too hard!

If you try to put to much on one side without a balancer on the other side then you tip!

The one thing that I have been telling myself is “It’s not about how much I can do, it’s about being happy when I do it!” I can’t be scared to fall when I know that I might fly! If I can learn to balance my wings then who knows how far they will take me!

How about you? Do you use a word of the year to help with any resolutions that you may of made for the year?

I am planning on having a wonderful year with more fun with the blogs and more content on my social pages! If you are ready I would love for you to join me in the 2022 year!

Follow along on the blog I have a goal to get my life more organized and our house running as smooth as we can with so many people and so many different age catagories! I will also leave a link for my facebook and instagram! I have set goals to be more BALANCED with the pages and to have more talks with ALL OF YOU!

Until next week!

Have a wonderful day, a productive week and a smooth weekend!

Bye for now!



Hello, and good morning! Welcome back to another routine blog here at Classy Classics By Kandis! It is funny that there is so many ways to have a routine, and yet here I am with all of them lol. If you can tell I like to have a good routine and a nice plan in place!

There is something about knowing what should get done, to what needs to be done, but knowing that there is a spot still for my stuff or for extra time.

This system can make you very productive in a day, and can help in so many ways, this is set out to work like you would in school. With a block for everything in your day! It is from Jordan Page!

I will leave a link to the youtube video here for you to watch.

I had seen this one back when I was setting up my routines after life got busy with kids. If you were following along with the other routine blogs, you seen how the morning, afternoon, and evening routines were set up.

Did you see them?

I will link them here, go have a read on how I set up my routines!




How does the BLOCK SYSTEM work!

The block system is a amazing way to take your routines and place them in the day. This is so you will not over work one place, you won’t lose your day, and you won’t get sucking into a distractive loop at random times of the day.

This is set up works like it sounds in blocks. This is work like school did, lots of ladies will set their alarms for the blocks too.

I don’t have alarms, I have my block system set up well for now anyways in large blocks.

There is a set time in between your blocks, which are set around your ROUTINES!

This will optimize your routine and time! Each block is a task, like a subject in school. The day is broke up into the blocks that you need.

Remember this is your day, and your tasks no one else’s. There will be chunked blocks with set topics to work with, to make each task have a time to work in.

Morning routine, work time, coffee time, pick up kids it all has times. You don’t want to be stuck doing something when you should have been on a meeting call! Got sucked into Facebook and suddenly, all the kids are hungry, and you forgot to pull out the meat.

This will help you in staying productive but being flexible at the same time. This will have as many or as little blocks as you need for your day or schedule.

I have 3 main blocks that in time will get more detailed as other situations get ironed out in my life.


When it comes to setting up the block system all you need is a paper, pen and motivation.

It will help in putting together is you have some of your daily routines in place.

Well I found it easier that is. The block system is made to work with you, this is how I set up mine.

Let me know what you think?

Did you set your up different?

How are you setting up your block system?

Take your piece of paper, and make 3 sections in it, morning, noon and evening. Then under those sections write the times that are for that section.

The way I section mine is like this!

My morning is from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm Afternoon is from 12:00 to about 6:00 pm Evening is 6:00pm to 11:00 pm

This is the “work” time I have for the house. When it comes to my block system this is where your life will make things different from anyone’s block system.

I have my block system set up as this because I am a stay at home mom, I work from home, and as of right now for a bit we are also doing the remote learning from the school!

I have 2 kids that are in school and 2 kids that are little. This is a reason that I will always point out that your routine may look much different from mine!

I had to keep in mind that I have a lot that happens in a block with all the kids being home, that I need to remember to not have a hourly timer as it may take me longer to start the task than originally planned and so I might only get 10 minutes vs 30 minutes.

I made my block system this way so that I can find my heavy work times, and I can find the rests easy when planning out my day or week.

This allows me to put my routines in, with some decluttering and deep cleaning, but also have work time and me time.

It will all come together, and you will see where your times are on your own schedule.


The great thing about making a block system is that you are making one from a fresh piece of paper. There is no distraction on how “others” may be using it.

So, let’s talk making the most of the system, where, how and when to make it. My block system like I said is needing to be revamped a little, and what better time than after the routines got fixed.

I have not added in the detailed times on my block system and I’m not sure I will this round.

What do I mean?

My block system has big time chunks on it!

With a time, chunk of 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, it’s a bit too much. So instead of making an hourly that I know will not go as detailed as my mind would like it here I have it chunked into 3-hour chunks.

So now my morning time block as 2 blocks! 6:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

The same is for the afternoon and evening times!

This now looks not as crazy as looking at a time frame that as 12 hours in it for only one block!


So, a 3-hour window is much easier for me to work with! Does that make sense on why I chunk it vs doing an hourly?

Don’t be afraid to make changes, erase some tasks, add some, move them around. Don’t make one section of your day too full, there is lots of hours, lots of chunks in the day!

When I chunk mine, it helps I made my block system this way so that I can find my heavy work times, and I can find the rests easy when planning out my day or week.

This allows me to put my routines in, with some decluttering and deep cleaning, but also have work time and me time. It will all come together, and you will see where your times are on your own schedule.

The great thing about making a block system. Don’t make one section of your day too full, there is lots of hours, lots of chunks in the day! When I chunk mine, it helps calm my mind!


When it comes to placing your tasks into the blocks, you choose what goes where!

You need to figure out what tasks NEED to be done and when.

Start there!

I know that my first block from 6:00 am – 9:00 am is for my work and getting the kids ready for class! That is all that there is really for there.

So, this section could be placed more on an hourly base to make sure I don’t spend too long in one spot.

My example is:

6:00am- Wake up for me, coffee and me time 6:30am- work on blog

7:00am-7:30am- littles are usually getting up, breakfast and snuggles I will also work in my planner here as I can’t use the computer easily around my toddler haha.

8:00am- get big kids up and moving

8:30am- big kids ready for class

9:00am big kids start online class I will start my morning routine if I have not got a change to start it!

Just like that my first part to my morning block is over and hopefully done. If you see this is why I will use big chunks for my block system as if or when something does not work out for the time frame its ok, there is time and spots to put in the task that could not be done there!

I don’t want to me working on something when I need to be getting the kids ready, or I don’t want to feel bad when I didn’t get the dished washed after breakfast because a kid needed help with the computer!

This is just a good way to prioritize some of the chores and stuff you need to do without running wild for the entire day! It is a great way to add stuff into your day, when you know when your slower times are!

Maybe make that play date in the afternoon when your blocks are not as full, this way you know when you are more free when these things come up, but also you are not rearranging your whole day to make that plan work.

This is a win, win situation!

So that is the block system in a glance!

What do you think?

Give it a try?

Do you already use a block system?

Do you have your routines in it?

How do you set up your block system?

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and hopefully gave you some motivation!

Make sure to like the blog if so, there can always been more cleaning and routine blogs!

Have a routine question? Ask away!

Have a comment? Write it in the comments!

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Good Morning, welcome back!

Happy new month! I have always liked the beginning of a new month! It just feels like a way to get started again. There is always a new adventure waiting, a new talk, celebration, something.

There is, always new goals. I have trying to make this crazy 2020 year as fun and well normal that I can! It seems to be getting hard as more and more things keep arising in this year!

However, when I got my new planner it has a section that I wasn’t sure what to do with! Then one day at the beginng of the month I had a thought! This is how I now have turned one page in my planner each month into a overview of my monthly goals and dreams!

Do you try to reach different goals each month?

What goals do you change month to month? With my monthly layout it has more then my goals!

This is a place where I get to jaz up and make a spot for myself to look and amost reflect on some stuff!

With it now November … EEKK Happy holiday season! With the holiday season now here 2020 or not, I thought I would share my monthly layout and then we can get rolling into the holiday season here on Classy Classics By Kandis!

Let me start with sharing a little about my self and why I am so excited about the holidays here on the blog with all of you! I am a stay at home mom, I have 4 very energetic children ages 11,9,3, and 1 ½ this soon to change as everyones birthday is in the winter months here! I have been married for 12 years and a stay at home mom since our first.

I started my blog in the hopes to connect with moms who are just trying! Trying to get the laundry done, crumbs swept up and possibly have a coffee before its cold or like me and gets put down and lost! I am a organizer and a baker from home, and also started working with Monat.

This is all things that I love to do, with that I am all about finding some tricks to make those daily tasks smooth so that there is time for all the fun in life. I love sharing any organizing, cleaning, baking, decorating, and planning stuff! If this is some things that you are jiving then make sure you hit that like button and follow the blog!

With the holidays here I am trying to post more, I am trying to remember to bring you all along with me in this fun, crazy rollercoster if a ride 2020 has brought! So if you are ready for a planning and organizing, dream and goal chasing blog then lets go!

If you are excited for the holidays and fun, fun posts please make sure you follow add your email. This way you will get notifications on new blogs that come up!


When it comes to a new month I will always try to have what I am trying to do broke down, this is so it seems almost like less. More personal not just more chores written down. I will make sure to include personal chores also, I like to always try to do at least one thing for me in the month, even if it’s just to do a facemask or maybe a later t.v night!

I have 3 spots on my page:

I usually start with outdoor chores, then I have inside chores, then on the bottom I have my personal. The personal part has family stuff and my stuff sometimes.

My monthly layout for NOVEMER!

So, this month it says picture day, well my kids are not in a school, as we actually didn’t have an option of going to the school to get them done.

What did you do for school pictures this year?

So, this picture day that will be put in the month of Novemeber, used for a family Christmas card photo. I have to say I am sad that there was school photos this year! I am going to have to make this a good picture lol!

Got any good ideas to incorporate a no school, but school 2020?

Haha I look forward to all of your help on this one!

So on the planner page, there is 3 catagories, then I make sure to add birthdays, or other holidays. I will add some pretty birthday washi tape on above the holiday section on the bottom of the page.

It is an American planner so, any Canadian holidays is what I mean I add if there is holidays to add.


I find that having new goals set in mind tends to help keep me on track a little more. I will something roll my monthly goals over to the new month. This depends on what the goals where!

If you just focus on one goal it can make the months long. I find I can get a little more hard on myself, if I can get my mind set on new goals it as a great energy to it!

New month, new goals, new dreams. When I am working on my weeks in the month, I can easily take a goal from the month and place it where I can get the best and more productive time for it.

How do you do new months?

Is there something that you do for you? How do you set up for a new month. I am extra exited for November as, after Rememeberance day happens, this is when I say I can bring out my Christmas planning book.

This is year Christmas is in full forse! Are you going big for the holidays this year?

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Jump over and check out the daily fun and mom life fun.

Till next week!

Have a great happy new month planning day!

Its going to get fun here on Classy Classics By Kandis, with 2020 being how it was I am determined to make this holiday season as great as I can!

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Hi and good morning! Welcome back to Classy Classics By Kandis! I thought I would take this weeks blog to talk about the power of routines! I have tryed a lot of different routines and scheduals over the years, to most always fall back on my “basic” routines!

Do you have regular routines?

I wanted to write this weeks blog about routines, to help tie in the next couple blogs, but to also point out that not everyone will have the same outline, schedual or the same amount of routines for the matter either!

Did you see the last blog on zone cleaning?

I will link it here if you did not see it, then go ahead and check it out next!


This is a nice way to keep your whole house in control while you work, hitting some areas vs trying to clean your whole house at one time!

I have done other outine blogs, however I thought I would update the routine blogs, as I am revamping mine to get ready for the new school year!

Let me tell you about myself and why I relay on my routines to help me through the days! With being a stay at home mom, I have been for about 11 years now, I have 4 children aged 11,9,3 and 1 1/2!

This year a reason why my routines need a little extra attention is that I am teaching them at home this year! We have decided to keep our kids home till christmas at least. I have been married for 12 years, and have a couple little side job/hobbies at home!

Needless to say I stay rather busy, my days can deffently blurr together, and the house can look like a cracker factory exploded some days! Now I know my house is not perfect… like not close, but I don’t want it gross cause well I do live here! lol.

I am the type that will always just keep on going whether I have the help or not. I always say “anything is possible in 24 hours” just look at cinderella haha! I am a mom that believes my children can help and they do… or at least they are supposed to!

I have spent to many hours trying to figure out how to get my house under control. I get ancy really fast, anxeity will just come and knock on the door and let its self in! It took me a long time to realize that just like anything in life, your situation, your life style, your hopes and goals will not be the same as ANYONES!

Now im not saying don’t go and look here and there, don’t try to copy someones schedual. This is how you will learn what works for you and your family. I am saying tho don’t get discuraged if it takes a couple rounds to get it smoothed out!

I am a straight up schedualar! I love my routines, I need my routines! I can live without them, however I find my anxeity gets to me faster, I get more stressed and I will try to over do everything that I am trying to do. I lose control over the rooms and everything stats piling up in all sorts of corners!

This is when I will get overwhelmed and just start not being my best! This is not going to help anything or anybody. I have a lot of routines that I will fall to at times. Depending on what is happeneing in our life at that time, maybe its a change in season and the chores are changing up.

So what are my routines that I like to follow or at least have on hand?

There is many that I use like I said, and I am working on setting them up for the winter here at home. The next few weeks I will be writting about how I am revamping my routines, where they are in the house, and how they help not only me but the whole family.

The first one lets starts with is setting up the zone cleaning.

This one went out last week and I am loving that I restarted it. Zone cleaning is simply breaking your house up into “zones” having a certain spot each week that you are tackling. This is to declutter, deep clean and organize.

This however is set each week to keep it so I am not trying to do everything everyday! This is also away that I am able to get my spring cleaning done throughtout the winter vs deep cleaning everywhere in a weekend.

I also have in a cleaning binder the daily, weely, monthly and yearly chores written out, then once a day I can look at the zone im in and do one weekly chore for that zone, this will help and take care of the deep cleaning through the weeks.

The next routines I feel go together, but have their own important tasks. I will usually have and be using my morning, afternoon and evening routines. These ones will need to be looked at and changed I think more then once.

As the kids start schooling at home, this will be a big change for the house. This is where I feel these routines may take a couple go’s at to get them situated.

The evening routine will stay close to how it usually is, however I still change it up, I am from saskatchewan and the difference between winter and summer is just that. The opposite and our weather shows it.

Another routine that I will use is the block sysytem. This one I found from Jordan Page! I will leave a link for it… if I can lol.

This system is nice I find when trying to get the other routines smoothes over. This is like a hourly layout but it does not work hourly it works in chunks of the day! So on a paper you will make 3 charts!

One that is morning, one for afternoon and evening. This is a spot where you put what gets done when in the day. I like this for when I am overwhelmed and trying to just do to much. This will help plan for unexpected stuff that comes up. If you know that you will be working at a certain time but you have a block set out for nothing say at 2pm then you can add your extra’s in the time that you know will not bomb the rest of your day!

This system is a nice overlook of a day to help plan out your days smoother! So as you can see I tend to have a bit of routines and lists! This I do because I find when I feel I need to redue my routines or make them a little more smooth, then if they are not ready, or not strong enough I have other things to guide me through figuring it out.

These I find can be nice to as a little reminder to me that even when I feel that a lot has not been taken care of, I can look and see what has been done and what needs to be done! Without ripping my house apart and “deep cleaning” in a weekend!

Do you have routines?

Do you use them?

Looking for a smoother way?

I hope this blog as motivated you to get a routine sketched out. They are a game changer that will hopefully help you have a smooth house.

I have done older blogs about all my routines that I will link for you to have a look.

Planning Is Preparing

Weekly prep

There is more routine blogs also on the webpage!

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It doesn’t seem to matter, where I go or how I get there money is involved. 💵

When you are trying to save money whether its just a little bit or to budgeting extreme, it seems like there is more that one wants to buy when you know you can’t, or like me and everything in my house seems to break down at once!

Hi and WELCOME to Classy Classics By Kandis! ☕

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I hope you will enjoy this blog about budgeting with some idea’s and tips that I find can really helps.😁

I started budgeting many moons ago, my hubby and myself had found ourselfves in way over our head in debt, when I had decided to change the ways we spent our money trying to get us out of debt these little tips and tricks of tracking and following were what had helped! 🐾

When it comes to money, tecnology is not everyones friend. I am a straight up work better with pen and paper kind of girl! I just recently started being able to do e-transfers and check my account on line lol. 👩‍💻

When it comes to spending money, do you track it?

Do you know in advance what you will be spending and where?

When it comes to budgeting big or little you must know WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING!

Did you read the budgeting blog? ⏪

Start there and come back to this… So you are looking to save money!

Have your budget all set out for the month? 📆

I say a month in the beginning as most (expecially with 2020) are getting paid once a month. This is how I get paid, and most payment and bi-weely or monthly! 📅


Ok still with me? 🤣

Great! 👍

Lets start the actual blog then before I loss you haha.

For the budgeting envelope that is all you need an old envelpe and a marker! 🖍


What you are going to do is with your envelope make a line down the middle, and then make 3 across to that you have 4 sqaures down on each side of the line!


Each sqaure is a week, so go ahead and mark the weeks in the corner of each box. This is how you will break down your month for spending as week to week is less intimidaing then a whole month.

With the other blog, it showed you how to find your budget for the month! With your set budget for “spending” you will use this with the envelope! 📩

You can use cash or still use your debit either was KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS!📬

On the first row that is representing the first week, put your gorcery/house budget here, then on the other side of the line put your budget for “other” here.

Now as the week happens as you are using your budget as you put your reciept into the envelope, go ahead and subtract your cost of what you spent on the amount you have on your budget.📈

With this you can take money from your “other” square to your “grocery” and other way but DO NOT TAKE FROM THE FOLLOWING WEEKS! You are trying to save money not borrow week to week! 💰

Lets do a little example:

Let’s say you did your budget ok and it’s:

💲400 grocery 💲200 other 💲600 bills


So breaking it down there is $100 per week for groceries and $50 for other per week!

There was a sale so you took $125 for the first week, so now you would have $25 for others for the rest of the week.

But, maybe with that sale you know will only spend $50 for groceries the next week. Now there would be $100 for others on the next week if you roll over the weelly budget. OR You can take any money you did not spend that week if you can and put it in for EXTRA debt payments! ⛵

The point is NEVER “borrow” from the following weeks, it will keep you in the snow ball effect, this is not how to get ahead! ☃️

If you are being diligent and keep your reciepts in the envelope when you spend the money, at the end of the week, or the month… however works better for you, this is how you can track ALL YOUR MONEY!💰

This will allow you to see where you over spend. If you go and get a treat everyday even att only $4.00, do that for a whole week and you spent $30.00 on that ONE TREAT! 🍦


Now that we have talked about the envelope it’s time to put it into action! 🎬

Take it with you, EVERYWHERE!

Put it in your car, purse, put your cash or card in it and take it with you! This is a easy way to track all your money!

When you purchace something determine what side it would belong to, and when your reciept goes in subract the amount and DON’T OVER SPEND! 🚫

No one wants to put things back at the till, or throw it out when you didn’t use it. ♻️

I hope you enjoyed this budgeting blog, give it a like so I know to make more blogs like this one. 👍


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Let’s get that wallet and budgeting dreams going.

2020 has been hard, but with some hard work it can still be a good year!

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Until next blog, have a wonderful day, a budgeting weekend, and a perductive week!



Hi and good morning?🌅

Birds are singing, sun is shining and we are talking MONEY!💲

Have you checked your account today? Do you keep your receipts? Do you track your money to see where it is going?

I ask so many questions because money seems to be a fast moving thing (2020 or not). It seems I am spending money everywhere that I go these days. ⏸

Let me start with a little bit about myself and how I think I can help you get out of debt! Years ago my hubby and myself were in debt! Lots of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, with two kids at the time and we were just getting deeper and deeper into debt! That was that I had enough and I didn’t want to be in so much debt, not making it foward in any acounts!


We changed it, we had to change the way we lived, I got my big girl gichies on and set a budget! 👩‍💻

Oil patch had crashed, I am a stay at home mom, life got tight, the budget got tight! ⛈




We did it, roughly 4 years down the line we were out of a TON of debt.


Why am I saying this why am I back doing this?

Fast foward life a little and here we are now with 4 kids, new dreams, new goals and new DEBT. 🌠

Not debt like before goals and dreams building debt. It is one of the easiest habbits to fall out of, I think.

So back to it I go!





Using hightlighters will allow it to be fast and easy when seeing what is coming in and out for what reason. Simply make a color code on the top of the bank statement, or in your budgeting book or paper! (Having this on hand when doing the outline will help.) 📆


Now this is where you figure out your starting budget…. Take your income and subract your no wiggle room payments.

Where are you starting in the green or red. 💲

When you have the “fixed payments” written down,now you need to go though your monthly bills. 📚

These are a little more flexable month to month.

I say this as you can put more or less on each month…. I am working on credits on ALMSOT all my house bills. (I do this for seasons that are tighter… HOLIDAY months) The house bills that I refure to is bills like the gas, power,water etc. ☃️


If the money is still not easily accounted for this is where reciepts come in! For a minimum of one week keep your receipts, this will allow you to filter threw them and track a little more of the money. 🔎

This will let you see how much money is going into “other catagories.” 📑







-GAS (feul)



Now take your trusty highlighter and color code your catagories agian… 🖊

but in brokedown ones….

like the examples above.

Where there is money going have it tracked into a sort of catagoy for you to filter through and cut down…. we will get to this step shortly!

This is a more consuming part but it will have the most impact I promise. 🗂

Now that you have all of your money sorted, NOW WHERE ARE YOU?


You may need to make cuts, you might need to live a bit moe frugal for a while! However it will be WORTH IT in the end, your MONEY will be WORTH it! ✂️

Now that you have your outline done, money coming in and out it’s time!

If you are in the RED you need to know how much extra you need to make, or how much you will need to cut back to make everything balance out!

How fast do you realistically want to be out of debt or be caught up on bills, or BOTH!

How much money goes into each space? 📧

How much do you want to cut out? ✂️

How much do you NEED to cut out? 💵

The kicker is know one wants to cut back, know one wants to not be able to spend money!


The more you work at it the quicker it will be paid off! I am not saying you will fly out of debt, I am not saying it won’t take time and hard work! I am saying that it is possible.

You will have to make cuts, to make it easier to put money in for bills and debt. Look where you can stretch your money! 📈

So, where can it be cut:

-grocery bill

-play money

-take out


It will get harder before it easier, it will be hard but its not forever!

If it was easy everyone would be saving money no problem!

What do you stuggle most about saving money? Comment below I guarentee you are not alone!

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Till next time have a great day, and a wonderful money saving weekend!

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The New Normal

Whether its getting Easter stuff, new splash pants for the kids or just trying to get a jug of milk! The way going out and getting your items is in the past. Out with the old in with the new!

There is limits on everything, line up to get into a store for groceries! This is what I have been told is the new normal!

I have not set out to a city yet, however it’s coming as I am running low on some key items in the house! I have never been so happy to be one who uses cloth diapers!

Keep 6 feet between everyone, don’t see your family, no friends over! This is what they are saying the new normal is?

Hi and welcome to Classy Classic’s By Kandis if your new, go ahead and sign up to follow! If you are returning welcome back! I am or was a stay at home mom with 4 kiddos and a hubby for over 12 years.

My days have definitely changed a bit, with the hit of the pandemic, however things are only different in some regards. These are the “new” things to get used to I suppose!

What is the new normal in our house?

There is really only a couple things that got crazy here when the world got hit! These things are still taking time for me to get used to! I can’t imagine how it is of others who were not a set stay at home mom.

How are you doing?

Do you work strictly from home?

Does your partner stay home, if you have a front line job?

How are you coping with the “new normal”?

I am trying to gather everyone’s thoughts and issues in this house, trying to get them into a groove here!

With everyone in everyone’s bubble all day it can be hard, I’m finding it harder for the kids. The older kid’s are in school, so as our town only has one school from k-12. The older kid’s were still stuck together all day, as they were in the same school, also both will I  elementary school they are still on the same side of school. They however still has their own class and friends that they called their own to seperate them for those hours in school.

Now, as their “new normal,” they share a classroom as it is the kitchen table, they don’t get that time away in their own classroom. They are with each other as we all are in the house right now.

With having such a variety of people and ages, it can get tricky to keep everyone under wraps. Between the kids they are 11,9,3 and 1, so we deffently have our hands full!

In our house the “new normal” is coming together, the kids have their morning, noon and evening routines. However they are not waking up, getting their stuff ready to head out the door for 6 hours, they are coming downstairs and getting ready to do the work at the table.

With school packages coming right to our door, with another couple booklets tp be delivered, I feel wrong routines will help greatly.

When it comes to groceries, we used to do a pickup while kids were in school, when my hubby was still in physio I could run in and back home before naps.

Now our  “new normal”, has us preplanning, where to get groceries, we have been using our local store, but with such a big family, and being from a small community there is essentials that must come from the city.

Thungs tp prethink now like, what day are we going, is there days to wait for a pick up, what day lines up with paydays and possibilities of actually getting what you need!

I was always pretty good with meal planning, however with the “new normal”, I need to figure out how to step up my meal planning! What if there is a limit on what I need more of, what if I just cant get the stuff. There was always a possibility of not getting everything on your order, but the “new” is not getting most items especially common item’s, which is a big part of a stock up city trip! So I am getting ready to do a month quick meal planning to help me with my list, and hopefully have enough other stuff to do, or it should give me a chance to get it somewhere.

In the house they were used to getting used to ready to leave eveyday, even just to go to school. Now the “new”, when do we bust out of the house, who goes cause only one of us can go into the store!

What do we do for family time, that will get everyone out and content. Planning to get out but only once a week, if that is tricky. Ideally i try once every 2 weeks if not longer!

Explaining to the kids in the beginning, that they are not allowed in stored, at the park, out of the vehicle when we are some where! Now a month down the line they know they can’t go in places, like they used to. They know parks and activities are closed.With not being in town is a little easier, as we can at least get out and not worry about others being out!It is getting easier, maybe quicker for us, just as we didn’t do a whole lot out of the house.

How are your kids handling home bound?

How do you break up your days?

How is the “new normal” going for you?

I know we don’t know how long till things start to go back, but in this time, I am trying and so determined to get the best out of this. I am trying to get the house cleaned, no big reservations here as we are still getting settled anyways, hubby is still in recovery from this surgery so not much physical work for him. There is still much that can get done.With spring coming as ancy as I am for everything in the house, we are trying to get as much done for when it warms up more, and the snow disappears.

We are in Saskatchewan so it’s not as nice as some places. Maybe making things easier to be in, but hard also as it’s getting nicer but not summer nice lol. It’s been a long winter here….as always lol.

So how ever you are dealing with the “new normal” I hope you can stay positive, Stay safe, Stay healthy!

Take what you can from this and make memories!

I hope you liked this big, make sure to hit the like button so I know to do more!

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Look For The Silver Lining!

When A door closes a window will open!

There Is a silver lining in ever dark cloud!

There is supposed to be a positive with every negative!

It can be hard to seen with everything going on around the world!

The after effects of everything will be another factor into the look for the silver lining I think!

How are you doing through all the covid-19 craziness?

Do you know work from home?

What are you doing for Easter weekend?

With being at home now, and limited access to Easter stuff I better think of something! I have 4 kids, ages 11,9,3 and 1, so the variety of goodies can be a challenge. I always procrastinate and I did it again. I’ll post on my social media pages on what I put together!

As the days are turning into weeks, and months of covid-19!

There is so much still happening, but it’s in our homes, with our family. Not at work with our work family, then home to our family.

Everywhere I go I hear ” I’m so bored at home, all I have is time!”

This is not the case for me! I don’t know if I’m not doing something right? Cause I am more busy now then I was before lol.

Let’s find the silver lining?


I am more busy, there is 4 kids and a husband here I will point out. Now the funny thing is it’s just the older kid’s not in school that is different right now! Home lessons are not a problem, I had stuff on hand and with working with, my kids for years with doing some work at home, as I am the mom that will keep up light schooling on holidays and through the summer months.

The younger ones are home anyways these days, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

Our routines have stayed somewhat the same! I think this is something that is making my ancy. I had not got my routines as smooth as I would like. We had some crazy changes I our lives in 2019, and then we get handed 2020.

My routines are out and like a roller coaster, making it hard for me to get my head in a smooth routine.

Silver Lining here is there is always room to improve.

Why not try to figure out routines that will work for everyone. To help with this I made up a quick little hourly layout. Every morning when I sit down with my planner I am trying to get an outline on the day.

My planner! A happy planner, classic size!

This way if anyone is a deer stuck in a headlight they can look at the hourly and see what we are trying to get done that hour.

Quick hourly layout after my planner but still with coffee!

Something I should point about myself is I try to take on everything! “I can do it all,” is what I say. However I can’t do it all, then I just get upset with myself, which is silly as I know I can’t do it all, so why do I keep trying to do it all?

This week I wanted to start my workouts again! Good for me right! Well I feel this is where I will point out, that there is at least one kid up usually a little one by 6:30am. I don’t get everyone in bed till at least 9:30 pm. This has made it oh so hard.

With still having my morning, noon and evening in place, there is really no place for a workout. It is not fun trying to work out with little kids. It’s just not,  especially when you are trying to get your grrr out from then day, have a couple thoughts, maybe class it as me time! Not easy when a kid is climbing on me, playing with my weights etc.

So how to get the silver lining. I just thought I would get up a little early and have some me time, do a workout and then have the kids ups!! Thunderstorm came in, I was getting up at 5:30ish and trying to get my workout in by 6 to be done for 630! Nope, sure not working, some days just getting up, and motivated that early and fast, I couldnt fully focus as I am on a time line, if I slept in I was instantly hit with anxeity cause now my morning is out.

So look at it in a different light. I’m going to try a quick 10 minute workout, at some point of the day, it’s only 10 minutes which is easier to put in to start!

The other night I decided I need to be happier and we deserve better memories through this world pandemic!

I have decided on a new routine for us! With my planner and an hourly layout, there is sliver linings to all the obstacles.

My main planner❤kids school planner and an hourly layout

I am more focused now then ever to get everyone a smooth system, there is lots of together time and emotions can come quicker then normal. A good routine I’m hoping will make everyone calmer.

I had also decided the other night I’m not trying to do it all! I need to shake it off and get everyone taken care of before the “extras” come in! These “extras” are the ” I can do everything.” I want to have good family memories from this, not mad, difficult times!

This has been my wall paper for years on my computer!

How are you doing with the new life style we are in right now?
Have you had to change, recharge then change again the flow of the house!
Do you just go with it day to day, or have a routine in place?

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