It doesn’t seem to matter, where I go or how I get there money is involved. 💵

When you are trying to save money whether its just a little bit or to budgeting extreme, it seems like there is more that one wants to buy when you know you can’t, or like me and everything in my house seems to break down at once!

Hi and WELCOME to Classy Classics By Kandis! ☕

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I hope you will enjoy this blog about budgeting with some idea’s and tips that I find can really helps.😁

I started budgeting many moons ago, my hubby and myself had found ourselfves in way over our head in debt, when I had decided to change the ways we spent our money trying to get us out of debt these little tips and tricks of tracking and following were what had helped! 🐾

When it comes to money, tecnology is not everyones friend. I am a straight up work better with pen and paper kind of girl! I just recently started being able to do e-transfers and check my account on line lol. 👩‍💻

When it comes to spending money, do you track it?

Do you know in advance what you will be spending and where?

When it comes to budgeting big or little you must know WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING!

Did you read the budgeting blog? ⏪

Start there and come back to this… So you are looking to save money!

Have your budget all set out for the month? 📆

I say a month in the beginning as most (expecially with 2020) are getting paid once a month. This is how I get paid, and most payment and bi-weely or monthly! 📅


Ok still with me? 🤣

Great! 👍

Lets start the actual blog then before I loss you haha.

For the budgeting envelope that is all you need an old envelpe and a marker! 🖍


What you are going to do is with your envelope make a line down the middle, and then make 3 across to that you have 4 sqaures down on each side of the line!


Each sqaure is a week, so go ahead and mark the weeks in the corner of each box. This is how you will break down your month for spending as week to week is less intimidaing then a whole month.

With the other blog, it showed you how to find your budget for the month! With your set budget for “spending” you will use this with the envelope! 📩

You can use cash or still use your debit either was KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS!📬

On the first row that is representing the first week, put your gorcery/house budget here, then on the other side of the line put your budget for “other” here.

Now as the week happens as you are using your budget as you put your reciept into the envelope, go ahead and subtract your cost of what you spent on the amount you have on your budget.📈

With this you can take money from your “other” square to your “grocery” and other way but DO NOT TAKE FROM THE FOLLOWING WEEKS! You are trying to save money not borrow week to week! 💰

Lets do a little example:

Let’s say you did your budget ok and it’s:

💲400 grocery 💲200 other 💲600 bills


So breaking it down there is $100 per week for groceries and $50 for other per week!

There was a sale so you took $125 for the first week, so now you would have $25 for others for the rest of the week.

But, maybe with that sale you know will only spend $50 for groceries the next week. Now there would be $100 for others on the next week if you roll over the weelly budget. OR You can take any money you did not spend that week if you can and put it in for EXTRA debt payments! ⛵

The point is NEVER “borrow” from the following weeks, it will keep you in the snow ball effect, this is not how to get ahead! ☃️

If you are being diligent and keep your reciepts in the envelope when you spend the money, at the end of the week, or the month… however works better for you, this is how you can track ALL YOUR MONEY!💰

This will allow you to see where you over spend. If you go and get a treat everyday even att only $4.00, do that for a whole week and you spent $30.00 on that ONE TREAT! 🍦


Now that we have talked about the envelope it’s time to put it into action! 🎬

Take it with you, EVERYWHERE!

Put it in your car, purse, put your cash or card in it and take it with you! This is a easy way to track all your money!

When you purchace something determine what side it would belong to, and when your reciept goes in subract the amount and DON’T OVER SPEND! 🚫

No one wants to put things back at the till, or throw it out when you didn’t use it. ♻️

I hope you enjoyed this budgeting blog, give it a like so I know to make more blogs like this one. 👍


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Let’s get that wallet and budgeting dreams going.

2020 has been hard, but with some hard work it can still be a good year!

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Until next blog, have a wonderful day, a budgeting weekend, and a perductive week!



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