About Me

Hi there and welcome to Classy Classics By Kandis! I’m Kandis, I am a stay at home mom/wife, just starting my 30’s, living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I love being a stay at home mom and would love to share some of my tips, and tricks.I believe that mom’s can do anything, as long as we stick together.

I am married to a wonderful man for almost 11 years now. With him working out side of the home with speratic hours, it can require extra prepping and planning on my part in the home.

We have 4 wonderful kid’s, ages of 11,9,3 and 1 years old! They are busy, wild, big hearted children that certainly keep me on my toes! The 2 oldest are in school, and enjoy some after school activities, which also require me to be prepped and planned in many different ways in the house.

I started this blog in hopes that I can connect and help other moms out there, with different factors around the house, and learn new ideas. I aim to try to help with different stuff like: planning, organizing, meal planning, freezer meals, diy cleaners and projects, ways to save money and so much more! So come, stick around,grab a coffee, and join the fun I hope to achieve in this blog!!

Kandis from Classyclassicsbykandis 😁


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