With being a stay at home mom,things gets busy and lots of new plans get thrown in the mix. However I love and need to have a “game plan”, an idea of how my day,week even month can look!
This page is to help, inspire and motivate to get things done without having more stress. With this I look forward to sharing and getting helpful tips, and ways to stay planned. I will be sharing different planning strategies. This is from a planner, meal planning to just a trip!
So come along get your paper or planner and let’s make some plans! 😁🌞
There is also something that I really enjoy and that is Organizing! I find you need to be organized to plan, and a plan to be organized.
With this said the organizing, you can organize alot, from time, to space, to those planners and more.
 I love organizing spots in the house which is a requirement with a small house and 6 people in it. I am always trying out a different routine until something works a little better, and don’t forget organizing for those meal plans.
See how planning and organizing can go hand and hand?
So let’s go let me know what you would like to plan and organize in the comments down below. This is going to be fun and hopefully motivating for all.


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