Hello and good morning!

Happy Monday, have we located our motivation? I find the mornings that I have no motivation are the days that dragged on so bad.

One of the things that I absolutely love about my routines is not whether I have motivation or not I know I can still get stuff done. And I know what I am trying to get done! I find that my morning routine will help me find my motivation to do other tasks around the house for like the rest of the day.

When it comes to a routine a lot of the time we think that this is the routine and we need to do it. That’s not the case! A routine can look so different depending on who the person is and what their situation is!

This is a reason why I always tell people it is your routine this is to help you and your family nobody else. It doesn’t matter what your girlfriend’s routine is, what your mother-in-law’s routine is or even what your neighbours routine is. Why does it not matter? Because it is their routine and not yours.

I will always tell someone when starting out a routine you think about what you want to achieve in that routine. The routine that you pick is for the time. Is the most chaotic in your house that time that you need the most help and the most prep. This is why it doesn’t matter who is routine it is it is up to them to cropped it.

When you start a routine I always start with roughly three to five things that I am already currently doing or a couple that I am trying to implement. Just because it is on your routine doesn’t mean that it is set in stone! Lots of routines get started on a piece of paper and a pen. And you don’t like getting a new piece of paper well then use a pencil and just erase it it is really that simple to just revamp your routine.

When starting out find what is working the best for you and what is not working the best for you. Then switch up your routines play around with it oh, maybe your not down what you were doing at certain times and you cropped your routine off of that. Maybe you have no routine and you’re trying to get one and you are starting with a morning routine but, you find that your evening would have been a better time to start a routine.

Whatever time of the day you want to start your routine start it. If you’re getting up at 8 p.m. to get ready for work you’re not going to have the same schedule or routine that somebody who is getting up 7 a.m. to get their kids ready for school.

I tend to sit down with my routines about every 4 to 6 months. This is because where I live here in Saskatchewan are weather changes like stupid we don’t actually have 4 seasons I don’t personally think I said we tend to have 2 seasons LOL but that’s just my Saskatchewan joke.

So when the seasons are changing and the days are getting longer and maybe the kids are getting ready for summer holidays maybe even for Christmas holidays things are going to need to change. However, a lot of your main chores you won’t notice will stay the same.

The longer that you do a routine and you stick to it pretty much start forming your habits versus having a routine you will find what times of the day or in between what chores you would maybe have a little extra time. Let me explain a little more! So in the winter here I will usually start a lot of my daily focus chores around 10 a.m. whereas in the summer at that time 10 a.m. we are usually getting ready to head outside for the rest of the morning.

When I say to not be scared of changing your routine switch it up change your chores renamed them that’s a big one! I don’t understand it either but sometimes just adding a cute name or a different definition to something can just change your thinking of it. Take tidying the bathroom! The fly lady system says to do a swish and wipe every day in one bathroom! Well that also means to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom! Sometimes just adding that title of “definition” can make it seem not as bad! Not as much of a chore!

Another thing you will notice is that some of the chores you will not want to give up those times that you do it because you are so used to it that it does not make sense to change it in your mind.

For an example on my morning routine every morning I make my bed, get dressed and empty the dishwasher. Now, when summer time comes maybe we’re all staying up later that dishwasher might also and get emptied at night before we are heading to bed versus getting done before the kids go to school.

This is just a very basic example of what I mean about changing up your routine.

Over the last how many years that I have been using a routine and balancing my routine I’m not even sure how many times I have sat down and looked over the routines by myself or with the kids and just that talked together about their chores and what they would like to do when if something is not working.

This is a way that I have learnt that packing lunches the night before doesn’t always work in this house versus having the big kids pack their lunches in the morning. For this I have learned on Sundays to add a little extra time on to my prep so I can sit down get a bunch of stuff chopped and ready for the week and so in the morning when they go to pack their lunch they just have to follow these containers of pre cut up stuff and add them to their big for container for in their lunch.

I have done LOTS of routine blogs! I will link some go check somemoutnor allmofnthem and you will see what I mean about always looking over my routines and revamping them!

I will leave a link to get to some of them!

I hope you enjoyed the routine blogs! This is a topic that I definitely talk about, and will share again!

Give it a try! Grab a peice of paper and start a routine! I would love to hear how they are helping!

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Have a great day a amazing weekend and a productive week!

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Hi good morning welcome back to Classic Classics by Kandis.

How was your Christmas?

I hope you had a lovely, quiet, peaceful family, loving time, with the slowness of what this year had brought whether we wanted it or not, I had stsrtes looking forward to having a quiet family Christmas.

The way that I seen it coming Christmas morning was all the joy and excitement in Christmas magic is still there with all the littles.

I have to believe that having a 2020 Christmas the way that it was laid out, with actually not a bad thing!

All of a sudden restrictions got put into place and nobody was allowed at the house, there was no extra people to come and no big holiday traditions or parties happening!

But, when I think about it Christmas is still all about just having the family around.

The joy I seen was just have the children wake up, they still have the excitement in their eyes and joy in their hearts!

There is so much that was simplified but made even greater with what was happening still.

All of a sudden, there wasn’t as much pressure in this much chaos to go into Christmas this year!

What better for Christmas morning then to get up and have coffee and just watch the children have excitement over the gifts that are under the tree.

So, as 2021 shows up and if covid is still here, with how things are still going we don’t know what 2021 is going to bring!

I thought to end 2020 and the start 2021, what a better way than to just calm down and try to have some me time and family time!

To wake up on Christmas morning and to realize with covid not a whole lot changed just some a little!

Yes, there was no gatherings, no main Christmas traditions, however, Christmas still came Santa still came, coffee still tastes delicious Christmas morning, and still having a Christmas supper!

We may not have all of her loved ones around us at the Christmas table, or around the Christmas tree!

But, our loved ones are doing the same thing they are sitting at their their kitchen table, are hanging around their Christmas tree!

With that, this is a way that we can still stay connected! It’s like when you were little and you hear about being told to look up at the moon or the stars when you miss somebody and know that when they look at the stars that you were both looking at the same one and that is how you can be connected!

With that all I can tell my kids is it’s not going to be forever our family will be around our Christmas tree and the dinner table again!

For this year as hard as it was in the beginning I am thankful that I got to take that time to spend with just my family!

I mean my main squad if you will the ones that are always there for me, always with me!

So, long story short I guess what I want to take out of the 2020 year is that no matter what the ones that we are stuck with the ones that we are always with is the true meaning of Christmas!

I’m hoping I can take some of this meaning and some of the slow dance with me into 2021. In hopes that this covid-19 go away or give us part of our life back, there are some aspects that I need or want to take out of this year!

I I’m looking forward probably almost more than other years, I am looking forward to finding my New Year’s word. Do you pick a new word for every year? My word lost her was believe, because you always just have to believe. Last year I started my year with the word believe as you have to believe that it happened for a reason, you have to believe that there is a way, you have to believe that it happened for a reason!

2020 was a really crazy year for everybody, and with how the year ended up rolling out because I had picked my word before 2020 hit right! I now believe even more but I picked the perfect word for 2020. I picked it for reasons in our life that I needed that word, and then even more stuff happened that made me happy to have my word be believe last year!

I look forward to sitting down and getting my new word, I do not do New Year’s resolutions to a degree. I try to have goals for myself the family the house and maybe some outside goals I try to keep my goals as realistic and simple and promising as I can!

This will be one of the blogs coming up soon after the New Year’s hit!

I wanted to take this time and to take this blog too wish all of you a very safe and merry Christmas.

I hope you had a wonderful year, I hope you have a magical Christmas!

I wanted to take this time to say thank you to everybody who is followed me through this blog it means a lot!

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For now even with Christmas over from my family to yours I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful warm and safe New Year!

Until next week, have a great day, a relaxing weekend and a amazing week!

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It doesn’t seem to matter, where I go or how I get there money is involved. 💵

When you are trying to save money whether its just a little bit or to budgeting extreme, it seems like there is more that one wants to buy when you know you can’t, or like me and everything in my house seems to break down at once!

Hi and WELCOME to Classy Classics By Kandis! ☕

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I hope you will enjoy this blog about budgeting with some idea’s and tips that I find can really helps.😁

I started budgeting many moons ago, my hubby and myself had found ourselfves in way over our head in debt, when I had decided to change the ways we spent our money trying to get us out of debt these little tips and tricks of tracking and following were what had helped! 🐾

When it comes to money, tecnology is not everyones friend. I am a straight up work better with pen and paper kind of girl! I just recently started being able to do e-transfers and check my account on line lol. 👩‍💻

When it comes to spending money, do you track it?

Do you know in advance what you will be spending and where?

When it comes to budgeting big or little you must know WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING!

Did you read the budgeting blog? ⏪

Start there and come back to this… So you are looking to save money!

Have your budget all set out for the month? 📆

I say a month in the beginning as most (expecially with 2020) are getting paid once a month. This is how I get paid, and most payment and bi-weely or monthly! 📅


Ok still with me? 🤣

Great! 👍

Lets start the actual blog then before I loss you haha.

For the budgeting envelope that is all you need an old envelpe and a marker! 🖍


What you are going to do is with your envelope make a line down the middle, and then make 3 across to that you have 4 sqaures down on each side of the line!


Each sqaure is a week, so go ahead and mark the weeks in the corner of each box. This is how you will break down your month for spending as week to week is less intimidaing then a whole month.

With the other blog, it showed you how to find your budget for the month! With your set budget for “spending” you will use this with the envelope! 📩

You can use cash or still use your debit either was KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS!📬

On the first row that is representing the first week, put your gorcery/house budget here, then on the other side of the line put your budget for “other” here.

Now as the week happens as you are using your budget as you put your reciept into the envelope, go ahead and subtract your cost of what you spent on the amount you have on your budget.📈

With this you can take money from your “other” square to your “grocery” and other way but DO NOT TAKE FROM THE FOLLOWING WEEKS! You are trying to save money not borrow week to week! 💰

Lets do a little example:

Let’s say you did your budget ok and it’s:

💲400 grocery 💲200 other 💲600 bills


So breaking it down there is $100 per week for groceries and $50 for other per week!

There was a sale so you took $125 for the first week, so now you would have $25 for others for the rest of the week.

But, maybe with that sale you know will only spend $50 for groceries the next week. Now there would be $100 for others on the next week if you roll over the weelly budget. OR You can take any money you did not spend that week if you can and put it in for EXTRA debt payments! ⛵

The point is NEVER “borrow” from the following weeks, it will keep you in the snow ball effect, this is not how to get ahead! ☃️

If you are being diligent and keep your reciepts in the envelope when you spend the money, at the end of the week, or the month… however works better for you, this is how you can track ALL YOUR MONEY!💰

This will allow you to see where you over spend. If you go and get a treat everyday even att only $4.00, do that for a whole week and you spent $30.00 on that ONE TREAT! 🍦


Now that we have talked about the envelope it’s time to put it into action! 🎬

Take it with you, EVERYWHERE!

Put it in your car, purse, put your cash or card in it and take it with you! This is a easy way to track all your money!

When you purchace something determine what side it would belong to, and when your reciept goes in subract the amount and DON’T OVER SPEND! 🚫

No one wants to put things back at the till, or throw it out when you didn’t use it. ♻️

I hope you enjoyed this budgeting blog, give it a like so I know to make more blogs like this one. 👍


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Let’s get that wallet and budgeting dreams going.

2020 has been hard, but with some hard work it can still be a good year!

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The New Normal

Whether its getting Easter stuff, new splash pants for the kids or just trying to get a jug of milk! The way going out and getting your items is in the past. Out with the old in with the new!

There is limits on everything, line up to get into a store for groceries! This is what I have been told is the new normal!

I have not set out to a city yet, however it’s coming as I am running low on some key items in the house! I have never been so happy to be one who uses cloth diapers!

Keep 6 feet between everyone, don’t see your family, no friends over! This is what they are saying the new normal is?

Hi and welcome to Classy Classic’s By Kandis if your new, go ahead and sign up to follow! If you are returning welcome back! I am or was a stay at home mom with 4 kiddos and a hubby for over 12 years.

My days have definitely changed a bit, with the hit of the pandemic, however things are only different in some regards. These are the “new” things to get used to I suppose!

What is the new normal in our house?

There is really only a couple things that got crazy here when the world got hit! These things are still taking time for me to get used to! I can’t imagine how it is of others who were not a set stay at home mom.

How are you doing?

Do you work strictly from home?

Does your partner stay home, if you have a front line job?

How are you coping with the “new normal”?

I am trying to gather everyone’s thoughts and issues in this house, trying to get them into a groove here!

With everyone in everyone’s bubble all day it can be hard, I’m finding it harder for the kids. The older kid’s are in school, so as our town only has one school from k-12. The older kid’s were still stuck together all day, as they were in the same school, also both will I  elementary school they are still on the same side of school. They however still has their own class and friends that they called their own to seperate them for those hours in school.

Now, as their “new normal,” they share a classroom as it is the kitchen table, they don’t get that time away in their own classroom. They are with each other as we all are in the house right now.

With having such a variety of people and ages, it can get tricky to keep everyone under wraps. Between the kids they are 11,9,3 and 1, so we deffently have our hands full!

In our house the “new normal” is coming together, the kids have their morning, noon and evening routines. However they are not waking up, getting their stuff ready to head out the door for 6 hours, they are coming downstairs and getting ready to do the work at the table.

With school packages coming right to our door, with another couple booklets tp be delivered, I feel wrong routines will help greatly.

When it comes to groceries, we used to do a pickup while kids were in school, when my hubby was still in physio I could run in and back home before naps.

Now our  “new normal”, has us preplanning, where to get groceries, we have been using our local store, but with such a big family, and being from a small community there is essentials that must come from the city.

Thungs tp prethink now like, what day are we going, is there days to wait for a pick up, what day lines up with paydays and possibilities of actually getting what you need!

I was always pretty good with meal planning, however with the “new normal”, I need to figure out how to step up my meal planning! What if there is a limit on what I need more of, what if I just cant get the stuff. There was always a possibility of not getting everything on your order, but the “new” is not getting most items especially common item’s, which is a big part of a stock up city trip! So I am getting ready to do a month quick meal planning to help me with my list, and hopefully have enough other stuff to do, or it should give me a chance to get it somewhere.

In the house they were used to getting used to ready to leave eveyday, even just to go to school. Now the “new”, when do we bust out of the house, who goes cause only one of us can go into the store!

What do we do for family time, that will get everyone out and content. Planning to get out but only once a week, if that is tricky. Ideally i try once every 2 weeks if not longer!

Explaining to the kids in the beginning, that they are not allowed in stored, at the park, out of the vehicle when we are some where! Now a month down the line they know they can’t go in places, like they used to. They know parks and activities are closed.With not being in town is a little easier, as we can at least get out and not worry about others being out!It is getting easier, maybe quicker for us, just as we didn’t do a whole lot out of the house.

How are your kids handling home bound?

How do you break up your days?

How is the “new normal” going for you?

I know we don’t know how long till things start to go back, but in this time, I am trying and so determined to get the best out of this. I am trying to get the house cleaned, no big reservations here as we are still getting settled anyways, hubby is still in recovery from this surgery so not much physical work for him. There is still much that can get done.With spring coming as ancy as I am for everything in the house, we are trying to get as much done for when it warms up more, and the snow disappears.

We are in Saskatchewan so it’s not as nice as some places. Maybe making things easier to be in, but hard also as it’s getting nicer but not summer nice lol. It’s been a long winter here….as always lol.

So how ever you are dealing with the “new normal” I hope you can stay positive, Stay safe, Stay healthy!

Take what you can from this and make memories!

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Making A Difference!

Do you ever make goals!

Some so small they’re silly, some so big they’re silly!

Sitting in the house, making dream list’s, fun monthly goals, 10 year plans! The different thoughts of doing more.

They all come and go, in and out, some goals will stay as the coffee rebalances the day, the cranky kids are napping. The calm is there and I sit down and think how silly to think I can take more on or need more at that matter.

The youngest is at home for years still. The vision of being out of the house tends to fade when I do get out, society is not the same, as it was when I a teen and liked going out lol. Also way before the covid-19 came around!

So when people tell me just do what makes you happy, all I can do is smile and think I am, plus more of what I love.

What will I be doing when all the kids are in school, moving out, getting all grown up and stuff. As the years come and go, I have been a stay at home mom for 11 years already, some days it seems like that long, some days it seems not as long! As I had always wanted to be a stay at home mom, the realization of wanting to make a difference, help out with some things I can and love to do, everything just slowly is falling into place!

What goals am I chasing, and hoping to line in place?

When thoughts on what I could do at home, without taking me away or making me over crazy, I took on baking from my house.

This is something I love doing.

Over 10 years I have been making my own breads, pasta, meals, freezer meals, desserts and canned goods! Why not share the yumminess and expand learning more and more!

Bread Dough Raising 😍

A couple years ago I decided to take the jump on cleaning and organizing.

This was my next passion, I love doing this, with helping people with their days, budgets, pantry and more. I point out that organizing is so much more then shoes and fridges!

My Organizing Certificate! I Add Also A Cleaning Expert!

I then thought as I had my last baby, I needed some communication in my life!

Through YouTube channels that I had fallen in love with I thought I would start a blog. This is still in the works as I’m growing and learning, with the help of others along the way.

I’m now starting one more journey, that started I in the beginning of March!

Had fun Working So Far In the training!
Being Part Of A Team! My Own Boss!

This one is through Monat! I wanted to have access to healthy products, and possibly make a couple bucks on the side! With the toxic free no added grossness as I say, I thought it would be a great adventure! I also get to work with my friend who had set me up!

The big picture for me here is that I have it all under a name (other then my monat), I got to stem from my first farmers market with my baking and a construction poster that read “Classy Classics By Kandis A pinch of grandma’s secret ingredient in every batch.”

What My business Sign Has Became Through The Hard Work!

With the different chapters I am excited for what it can and may become through the years with hard work still to come!

These are little goals sticking together to make a big dream!

What is your dreams/goals that you are following!

Has the crazy 2020 made it smaller, or just made you more determined?

Can you work with what is happening to make your dream still come?

We all need someone, and someone will need you!

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What I Am Doing!

March 20 2020, this was a day that will be hard to forget!

This was the day I got got informed to prepped my kids to come home from school! Caronavirus is getting strong, it’s getting close! With worldwide shut downs, school boards saying take a education week off, and the government telling us to stay home!

I along with millions of others didn’t and still don’t know what is in store for the weeks, even months coming!

How as a mom of 4 and a wife supposed to just handle it all? I am a stay at home mom, so there is most definitely different factors for me as many others!

How did I prep for the craziness!


Tuesday we went to our local grocery store, which is now getting slimmer for the pickens, all already! I headed to the school, to get the kids binders from their classrooms. I actually grabbed all work books, as our school elementary keeps their workbooks together in the rooms. So heading in I talked to  teachers who are waiting and wondering just as much as the parents. “This week we disinfect, Monday we start classes at home” I stated.As we head home with with both kids with us, and had a discussion Monday night on some issues to expect, we get ready to bunker in!

Everyone in our house a house of 6 is good. Then the little ones get colds!

Wednesday through Saturday we set out and cleaned!

Extra cleaning time in the kitchen! Keeping it wiped down as much as I can!

When I say that I cleaned I mean I took on extra… like i always seem to do, I disinfected the house along with my spring cleaning and organizing. This seemed to be the hardest almost 4 days ever, but all I could tell myself is ” it’s ok it’s another task that will be done.”

Deep cleaning the pantry while doing an inventory!


As Monday came rolling in, home classes started! We are still working on how it will work the smoothest in our house, however for at least the first week of learning we have some stuff in place.. for now lol.

Here is what we do!

In the morning we start with making our bed, getting dressed, teeth, hair… haha normal stuff.

We are working thought some learning books that I got years ago, and love them! They are “EXPLORE AND LEARNING”, there is a set of 6, these can be taught together or individually and covers lots of topics. The first one we are using is Earth and Space! I thought it would be a fun way to start home classes! We are hoping to start a volcano as one of the pages studies all about volcano’s with a craft to do one!

Great Learning Books!

We then do some math! I have limited worksheets, so we are working with what was in their books, I made some multiplying flash cards, other then those the kids are using a program through their school called mathletics! This is a great site as it uses what they are learning in class for their grade!

Worksheets from their books with flashcards I made!

Then we have a snack, or lunch depending on when we start and finish!

The kids will usually take the toddler out for a bit after lunch or they hang out quietly as I get the baby down for a nap, or some cleaning done or both!

How are you fitting in the school work, house work, and everything between?

After play time, and some outside chores, we come in!

In the afternoon we keep it easy, we are doing a novel study together here. I am excited for this one…. we are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. This is helping with listening skills, as I found some chapter questions online for elementary. They enjoy listening to the story!

Great survival book!

We are trying to keep up with reading, this is neither one of my kid’s favorite thing to do. My daughter is more into it, as long as she can read her own book, in her head! Which is fine but boy is she a fast trader some days lol!🤣🤦‍♀️ My son has a program he used at school a bit which he enjoys, plus makes it easier on me until I find something else to mix in. He is using readingeggs.com, this was set up in the school, along with another site he has but we where not stated or looked into yet! I do hope next week we can try!

One more thing that the kids are working on is their writing! Not everyday however, a couple times a week we will pick a topic for them to write about! Example… they wrote about plans for summer, school at home, the caronavirus and what we know and want to know!

I’m am trying to not make it hard, or over boring haha! 

This is the learning curve we are working on this week!

I am finding ways to balance the kids, learning, cleaning, laundry, meals! My planner is being changed up a bit, to help sort everything out lol. With everything happening I am grateful to have my family all under one roof!

Loving My Planner!

Waiting to hear something week to week, this was a interesting couple weeks!

A reason of why my blog is so incredibly late! I had to be here 100% for my family as we got sittled in!

How has your time went?

Are you home, working?

How are you balancing everything?

I hope you enjoyed the look into my house this last couple weeks, with everyone here, learning and playing! Make sure you like the blog so I can do more like this one! There is more over on Instagram under Kandis Blask or over on Facebook Classy Classic’s By Kandis! Also, hit that follow button for notifications on new blogs, I do try to have a new one out every week!

Till next blog, have a good day, an amazing week and a safe weekend!


Valentine’s Fun!

There must me something about the red’s and pink’s!

Hearts everywhere, gaining weight off the chocolate! Slowing down to smell the flowers!

In our house it’s extra special as my first born, my only daughter was born on Valentine’s day 11 years ago. Yap my daughter turned 11 this year.😣 

Valentine’s day is always fun, with treats and cheesy sayings it’s just a fun holiday.

Every holiday I send teacher gifts, and valentines day is no different. Do you send teacher gifts or treats to the classroom?

This year a little less but with just as much love and thought. That’s what makes the gift any ways is it not?

With being on a little more tight budget I’ll show you what we did this year, I will also, point out it was done for roughly $5 a person. As usual I hit up a dollor store and set out.

Dollar Store Haul! I love dollar stores! ❤

This year I purchased a

  • Valentine’s Box
  • Notebook
  • Candies
  • Cupcake liners

I then made mini cupcakes and found some unused pencils in the house.

Teacher gifts in the making!

The turn out was adorable.

For the classrooms we bought valentine cards ( which we usually make), we also of coarse also treats. Lots of cupcakes went into the over in a day, but they are so cute.

We made heart emoji cupcakes for my son’s class, and a cupcake cake for my daughter’s class. I had also made a cake for her birthday.

Where to start with all the Valentine’s day fun!

Let’s start with the teacher gifts. In the box there is some conversation heart candies, a couple chocolates and a pack of sweethearts!

Then I placed 6 mini cupcakes on top! The boxes came with a plastic wrap, so just put the notebook under the goodies box with a pencil on the side, got the toddler to help tie them up and BOOM, awesome teacher gifts for $5. The bus driver got the same, but in a cute pink heart tin and no notebook!

All for roughly $5.00!

Then I placed 6 mini cupcakes on top! The boxes came with a plastic wrap, so just put the notebook under the goodies box with a pencil on the side, got the toddler to help tie them up and BOOM, awesome teacher gifts for $5. The bus driver got the same, but in a cute pink heart tin and no notebook!

How to make the treats?

Let’s start with the emoji cupcakes.

Bake and cool the cupcakes, with yellow icing for the face, I used conversation hearts for the eyes, then drew on a smile!

Yes, really that simple for little time.

Heart Emoji Cupcakes!

The cupcake cake in the shape of a heart was just as quick and easy.

With cupcakes baked and cooled, place them on a pan in a shape of the heart! Take your icing, tink it pink or red….. of coarse, with a knife ice the cake!

I start at the outside and work inward!

That’s really as there was, it all turned out better then I thought, and most importantly the kids loved them!

These are done for very little, but will send the love threw the air!

Heart Cupcake Cake!

What did you get for Valentine’s day?

Do you go all out?

Send goodies?

Make or buy cards?

Let me know in the comments!

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