Hello and good morning!

Happy Monday, have we located our motivation? I find the mornings that I have no motivation are the days that dragged on so bad.

One of the things that I absolutely love about my routines is not whether I have motivation or not I know I can still get stuff done. And I know what I am trying to get done! I find that my morning routine will help me find my motivation to do other tasks around the house for like the rest of the day.

When it comes to a routine a lot of the time we think that this is the routine and we need to do it. That’s not the case! A routine can look so different depending on who the person is and what their situation is!

This is a reason why I always tell people it is your routine this is to help you and your family nobody else. It doesn’t matter what your girlfriend’s routine is, what your mother-in-law’s routine is or even what your neighbours routine is. Why does it not matter? Because it is their routine and not yours.

I will always tell someone when starting out a routine you think about what you want to achieve in that routine. The routine that you pick is for the time. Is the most chaotic in your house that time that you need the most help and the most prep. This is why it doesn’t matter who is routine it is it is up to them to cropped it.

When you start a routine I always start with roughly three to five things that I am already currently doing or a couple that I am trying to implement. Just because it is on your routine doesn’t mean that it is set in stone! Lots of routines get started on a piece of paper and a pen. And you don’t like getting a new piece of paper well then use a pencil and just erase it it is really that simple to just revamp your routine.

When starting out find what is working the best for you and what is not working the best for you. Then switch up your routines play around with it oh, maybe your not down what you were doing at certain times and you cropped your routine off of that. Maybe you have no routine and you’re trying to get one and you are starting with a morning routine but, you find that your evening would have been a better time to start a routine.

Whatever time of the day you want to start your routine start it. If you’re getting up at 8 p.m. to get ready for work you’re not going to have the same schedule or routine that somebody who is getting up 7 a.m. to get their kids ready for school.

I tend to sit down with my routines about every 4 to 6 months. This is because where I live here in Saskatchewan are weather changes like stupid we don’t actually have 4 seasons I don’t personally think I said we tend to have 2 seasons LOL but that’s just my Saskatchewan joke.

So when the seasons are changing and the days are getting longer and maybe the kids are getting ready for summer holidays maybe even for Christmas holidays things are going to need to change. However, a lot of your main chores you won’t notice will stay the same.

The longer that you do a routine and you stick to it pretty much start forming your habits versus having a routine you will find what times of the day or in between what chores you would maybe have a little extra time. Let me explain a little more! So in the winter here I will usually start a lot of my daily focus chores around 10 a.m. whereas in the summer at that time 10 a.m. we are usually getting ready to head outside for the rest of the morning.

When I say to not be scared of changing your routine switch it up change your chores renamed them that’s a big one! I don’t understand it either but sometimes just adding a cute name or a different definition to something can just change your thinking of it. Take tidying the bathroom! The fly lady system says to do a swish and wipe every day in one bathroom! Well that also means to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom! Sometimes just adding that title of “definition” can make it seem not as bad! Not as much of a chore!

Another thing you will notice is that some of the chores you will not want to give up those times that you do it because you are so used to it that it does not make sense to change it in your mind.

For an example on my morning routine every morning I make my bed, get dressed and empty the dishwasher. Now, when summer time comes maybe we’re all staying up later that dishwasher might also and get emptied at night before we are heading to bed versus getting done before the kids go to school.

This is just a very basic example of what I mean about changing up your routine.

Over the last how many years that I have been using a routine and balancing my routine I’m not even sure how many times I have sat down and looked over the routines by myself or with the kids and just that talked together about their chores and what they would like to do when if something is not working.

This is a way that I have learnt that packing lunches the night before doesn’t always work in this house versus having the big kids pack their lunches in the morning. For this I have learned on Sundays to add a little extra time on to my prep so I can sit down get a bunch of stuff chopped and ready for the week and so in the morning when they go to pack their lunch they just have to follow these containers of pre cut up stuff and add them to their big for container for in their lunch.

I have done LOTS of routine blogs! I will link some go check somemoutnor allmofnthem and you will see what I mean about always looking over my routines and revamping them!

I will leave a link to get to some of them!

I hope you enjoyed the routine blogs! This is a topic that I definitely talk about, and will share again!

Give it a try! Grab a peice of paper and start a routine! I would love to hear how they are helping!

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Until next week!

Have a great day a amazing weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now!




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