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PERKS OF BUDGETING! (it’s not all bad)

Hello and good morning!

How was our week last week? Did you get a chance to catch last weeks blog! I will leave it linked down below!

I have not shared a lot about why I budget! The story behind it! The struggle and downs of it! Last weeks was a little story time of why I started to budget when I had!

This weeks I wanted to bring out some brightness to budgeting! There is many reasons why budgeting is often thought of as a long draining task! There is always the bright outline to it but, I find that it is ofter repeated of those top benefits! There is so much good things that come out of a good budget and many will have you always have a type of budget!

The reason, the drive behind ones reason for budgeting will change! With that the outcome will change too!

Budgeting is a lot like our routines! It will not always look the same for everyone!

Yes, the outline, the basics will be there and usually close to the same for almost everyone! The deep part of it all will be different because it is your budgeting!


When I had started thinking of budgeting it was not a positive inspiration! I knew it would pay off…… hopefully….. one day…. right?

I feel this is how many people start for feelings when they think of saving money! This is because you have made a life style that you like, or that maybe you striving for! If you live out side of your budgeting then it will add up, but we usually don’t notice this until we are in too deep!

This doesn’t have to be the case!

You don’t need to be in deep to start saving money, and it does not have to be a horrible time consuming no fun time!

The bright side to budgeting is that its your budget! Its your goals and your savings!

The bright side is you can be in control of your money and not have your money control your life! It won’t be forever however, I can tell you that when you actually start and you start seeing results and start having money again it can get to me fun almost addictive to see how much you can save!

It may turn into something that you will never stop budgeting or trying to save money, setting different money goals! Just like any goal when you get the hang of it it’s worth it all in the end!

When it comes to setting your budget and goals you can set your own speed! Reach the finish line when you wanted to!

When I was pulling us out of a flipping butt load of debt I did it as fast as I could! This was HARD! Everyone was on a spending limit on really everything!

You want to know something tho! When I had a talk with my family about the money changes that were goin to be happening everyone was ok with it! Yes, there was some days where it was not much fun, it was hard and sad! But, I explained what we were doing and why!


After a couple years! YES a couple years my husband said that he wasn’t sure how well it was working and maybe we should drop the “budget” and so you know what happened! I sat down with him and we re-looked at our debt! We checked in with ourselves if you will and you know what happened next? We kept going because looking at the debt that we had started with we were almost done already!

YES! You read that right we were almost out of our debt already! Now years sounds like a long time however remember we were in debt for THOUSANDS of dollars!

I remember opening our mail and looking at the statements and having such a overwhelming feeling of accomplishment! Like I said money is an addictive thing! I have never heard of someone who does not like money or who does not feel like they want more money!

The reality is the world revolves around money! This is a crappy aspect about being an adult but it is true!

When you find your budget and get comfy in it you will soon see just how much you may of been spending on well absolutely nothing!

These are things that I will be talking about throughout this money but, yes the reality is that probably half if not more of what you were spending your money on is nothing!

I hope you are getting excited about saving money this month!

I sure am!

If you are looking to save some money, maybe try to track your spending maybe, you are wanting to save for something new and exciting! I am here to say:


Lets get our money and budget under control!

I would love to have you come along with these money saving blogs this month! Make sure you follow the blog for LOTS of money saving tips and tricks!

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Hello and good morning!

How has your 2022 been going? I realize that the year has just began however this is the time of year that I find myself more in the red on my budgeting side then I want to be! I thought it would be nice to blog along while I revisit and redue my budgeting!

I guess I should take you down story lane to explain why I budget and how I know the importance of it!

Once apon a time a while ago the oil patch was not doing real hot (we are a one income household), everything had really started to go up in price, and the kids were getting bigger. I only had the two kids still at the time! We were high in debt! Living very tightly from paycheck to paycheck!

There was very little room to work on the debt, and the debt was gettign higher and higher!

I had enough!

I didn’t jive it and I was started to get stressed and overwhelmed!

Our bills were gettign high and the grocery bill was crazy and seemed to never be food lol!

Does any of this sound familiar?

I needed a change! I knew something had to change and I knew that I had to do it but, I knew that I had to want it to be able to do it!

That is where is all started. I sat down one day, lol ok well for longer then that but, the decision was made. I had sat down and looked for advice and mativation with any tips that I could! I had looked over pintrest and youtube! I made a game plan and told my husband of my plan!

He was a on board but didn’t know if I was going to do it as BIG TIME as I was saying! But, he sat down with me with our ” expense talks” there was definitely a couple that we had. lol

Long story short I have to leave some of the tips, tricks and fun for the blogs right! Anywho it turned out that we did a extreme budgeting and WE DID IT!

With a lot of hard work we cleared ALL OF OUR debt TONS of debt! We got it taken care of in under 4 years! Now that seems like a long time and it was a long time, we definitely got to loosen the road a little throught the time, but, the more debt you have the longer you will need to budget for!





Why you should budget:


There is so many wonderful reasons that I could tell you how saving money can help! But, we know that saving money can help.

Who doesn’t like money?

Who doesn want more?

It’s the work that goes into the saving that most don’t like! Unfortunately saving money and budgeting kinda goes hand in hand!

I am here too tell you that YES it’s hard work! Yes you can do it! Yes it will pay off! Yes, YES and YES to being able to stick to it!

Throughout the month of Febuary I am going to break down how I budget!

If you are wanting or needing to start budgeting or, don’t know how or where to start!

You are not alone!

Lets get this budgeting thing down this month and make 2022 a fantastic year!

Make sure to follow and get notifications when I upload a new blog! I aim to have blogs up on Monday’s. There is nothing better then motivation monday to set up a week! Right?

I also post and am hoping to post more over on facebook and instagram! I will have a link down below for the pages I would love for you to join over there too! There is daily cleaning morivation and mom life talk with tips and tricks on making it through the days!

Motherhood is hard but it sure can be fun! Let’s take care of each other and lift each other up!

Until nest week!

Have a wonderful day, a productive week and a fun weekend!

Bye for now!

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Homemade Burgers For The Win! πŸ˜Ž

Summer time!

We tend to what seems like eat way more in the summer months!
Maybe it seems like it, maybe because I don’t want to cook, when it’s so nice out.
Who want to do the same thing everyday like cook supper when you can be out playing in the sun.
This is a reason why I love freezer meals, but if freezer meals is not your jive, or you don’t have any on hand.
Have no fear mama Kandis is here lol.
Hi I’m Kandis a stay at home mom and wife. I have 4 children ages from 12 down to 2 years! I tell you food can go fast here, I’m always thinking on what’s the next thing to make! What to do for supper again tonight Lol!🀣
So let’s talk burgers, easy, fast and will save you money!
Sounds magical to me lol, so let’s start!
There is always those go to summer meals. Those foods that seem ok to constantly eat over and over in the summer.
In this house one of our staple go to foods is good old burgers!
What is your staple summer foods, something that no matter what the family will eat and usually enjoy!
With burgers it’s just easy right!
Make a salad, or some fries or just have the burgers! Grill them, bake them fry them it does not matter!
Have them at home, bbq at a friend’s house or camping!
You can have them anywhere!
So here is how I make my burgers that take only minutes to get ready.
Pre cook some pop them into the freezer, or leave them uncooked and freeze them.
It does
Either way that works or just eat them all and save none because, well they are yummy haha.
I have been making my burgers this way for years, and I will not stop making my homemade burgers. Actually would you believe me when I say I have not had a premade burger in at least 8 years. 🀀
That is really how quick and easy and of coarse delicious they are!πŸ˜‰
If your ready then let’s go, and talk burger making!
This is a recipe that can be make small or big you will see how easy it is to make lots at once.

You will need for a batch is:

  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 egg
  • Diced onion
  • Spices what ever spices you want I use parsley,garlic powder, onion powder and paprika

In a bowl mix all together
I use a measuring cup usually at least 1/4 cup
Scoop meat mix and flatten into a patty, place on cookie sheet and repeat!
Yap it’s that easy!

Grill, bake or fry about 10 min per side or until cooked all way through depending on the size of burgers you have made!

Then sit back and enjoy!

What are you waiting for you can be eating burgers any day of the week, with this easy go to yummy burger recipe!

I hope this helps get you through some of the summer days of the cooking cleaning, and repeat.
Go ahead and make a batch or 2 or 3 lol it will come in handy as the days get hot and the nights get long!

If you like this recipe let me know. Do you make burgers or buy bulk! Got room in the freezer put some in, I guarantee they will be used by the end of Summer!

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The fun has just begun for the summer months.
Hope to chat with you on one of the pages, and share what summer foods you eat, to make it through the summer.
Have a great day and a awesome week.
I will be in touch on the social media pages and will have another blog up next week!

Got an idea you want discussed let me know, it’s all about making it together, so your thoughts matter, and I would love to hear them.

Till next week have fun and keep making those summer memories instead of all those meals! 😎😁❀
Cheers πŸ₯‚



I remember when I was little, mom was ALWAYS in the garden! We didn’t have a big graden growing up, it sure wasn’t real small either tho. However it was sure a yummy one!

Mom always had garden goodies in the freezer for winter, and my friend and I always got into trouble for eating all her peas. I remember always telling her that there was lots for her freezer. Then she would get me to shell them, but not eat them because I had my “share” and the rest was for in her freezer. HAHA

Well fast foward life by A LOT and here I am, telling my kids they have to leave the peas alone, so we have enough for the freezer to get us through the winter haha!

Do you grow a garden?

What are you growing this year?

Hi there and WELCOME to Classy Classics By Kandis!

If you are new here I would love to hear, drop a comment!

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I am doing a big garden! With being a stay at home mom, married for 12 years, we have 4 very active hungry children. I started a garden years ago, when the husband and I first start living together. I will also tell you know that my first couple gardens sure didn’t look like gardens.

How did mom make that garden look so nice?

This year was a very different year for everyone, this year would mark my lets say… 10th year of gardening. Like a garden that looks like a garden.

I had like all the other years prestarted all well most of my plants, however this year was harder as my toddler decided to EAT all my prestarted plants, while they were on the porch before the garden was ready.

So I went on a search to get more from local greenhouses and a couple city stores, I got most of my stuff in the garden.

Have you read the first garden blog, about starting the garden?

I’ll leave a link below to go have a read! Growing A Garden!

So, how are the plants doing during covid-19 in 2020?

This year the garden was much different, I don’t have a well worked and years of love garden spot.

I recently started a big adventure, and with how that adventure had been layed out, I know have a brand new garden to relove and revamp!

My garden this year I call it a “dump and go” garden! This is becuase that is actually really accurate for how the garden went in.

This year the area got cleaned, and rotatilled, with it being a new garden and a grassy new area, I had ideally wanted to go against what I normally would do and I sprayed it down, let it sit then watered it like crazy before I planted it.

However that is of coarse not the same course as 2020 had in mind. The garden just got worked, let sit for about a week, then BAM, I started planting. This is why the garden is refurred to my “dump and go” garden.

With the garden getting in what I found to be a little later this then I normally would but… really whats “NORMAL” this year. HAHA I wasn’t really sure on how well it would do.

I knew the weeds and quack grass would do great, lol, but I was hopping the veggies would do good to, as I try to fill my freezer as much as I can for the winter. I always say my kids would be a little hungrier in the winter without the garden goodies.

With the year now coming to the gardening end… I must say I am very happy with how my dump garden made out. I also had some people tell me NOTHING would grow this year, and I should not waste my time. HAHA is all I say to those garden downers.

Don’t be discuraged the nice thing about gardens, is no matter what you will have stuff do better then others every year.

Nothing grows perfect every year. As long as you have dirt, water, seeds and some love, something should come up.

So what did I plant?

How is everything doing?

I always had a fairly big garden, however as we have been upgrading our lives, of coarse mama’s garden would get a little bigger then my old one!

As the years go on with this garden, it will get a little bigger but also with time a little tammer also!

This year in between the crazy quack grass my veggies are growning. I will also state that as far as weeding goes, I made sure to keep it as well weeded and rotatilled as I could, to ensure that the seeds had enough love to start and survive. These last could weeks I have not been weeding, as is it time to be out there picking the goodies. Who wants to go and pick weeds and still pick the produce!

With the garden year coming to an end in the next month or so, what plants are doing good, will do good. The peas and beans are nice and high on their string, so the weeds will only chock them out so much now.

As far as some of my smaller plants that the weeds may still affect, like the peppers, lettuse, carrots etc, I just try to keep the rows as good as I can, not worring about between the rows at this point of the summer.

As far as the others like the brocolli, cauliflower etc, they are already heading to seed, which I am learning all about getting seeds from the plants, for my garden next year.

Go ahead and hit that like button, if you would like to see a blog on gathering garden seeds for the next year!

What did I plant?

This year as I said it is still a fairly large garden, but I defintly didn’t get as much as I would of liked in the garden this year.

With how fast the plants sold out, and with 2020, being well just that 2020, there was some other difficulties in play.

My garden in divided into 3 patches. I have one patch that has shorter rows that go east to west, one patch that is long rows, these run north to south. Then my last patch is just a patch, not rows this is where I have my squash, pumpkins, there was supposed to be melons, however long story short for the paragraph there is sunflower instead of melons haha… oh boy.

In there patch where I have short rows, some plants will do better in more shorter rows.

In these rows are my lettuse, spinich,green onions, cauliflower, brocolli, peppers, tomatoes, cabage, celery, brussel sprouts, carrots and radishes, and beets…. I think thats what’s in my short rows.

Now what didn’t do great for growing im trying to get seeds from the plants for next year!

This is something I am doing some homework on, I don’t know how to with all the plants, but I can learn!

Lettuce is doing awesome and I am having some go to seed, carrots I have never had good luck with, and I might be getting some this year!

I will also be trying to leave some to go to seed.

Radishes I got a lot of they did great, I’m also keeping a row in to get seeds for next year.

The peppers and tomatoes are doing well, tomatoes better then the peppers, however these you can eat and get the seeds!

Then the cabbage is ok they all did not make it to well, and this is a plant I need to see how to get the seeds.

The brocolli and cauliflower didn’t do the best, I did get some brocolli off, which the children took care of in a blink of an eye.

These are both getting ready to go to seed, which I am hoping to get for next year.

The long rows are my peas, beans and cucumbers, I always grow these in long alternating rows.

These I am seeing if any are to be left for seeds next year, cucumbers I think you can just take the seeds when eating.

Then the patch is doing ok, the squash is slow, but hopefully something will come about them.

As for as my sunflowers go, that were not supposed to be sunflowers lol, the seeds will be in the middle of the plant. There is also lots of seeds on each sunflower.

That is my garden up date, as I have been out there picking I am loving my garden hauls, I am focusing on peas and beans.

I am getting about a grocery bag a day. The peas get shelled and put into a ziplock bag and into the freezer for winter.

The beans are doing great also, I cut the tips and into a bag for the freezer.

As long as I have been doing a garden, there is still so much to learn.

Every year I will pick something to try to “baby” to learn more on how to grow it better, maybe try to learn more on seeds.

Every year is a new year, this garden year was just to try. To see how the spot may work, and to hope the garden would do good.

Now that I know the plants are going to be happy here, and next years garden should be fantastic.

Did you grow a garden this year?

Was it your first garden?

How did it grow?

Will you keep going on a garden?

They are a lot of work, but with a little research and some love and attention, you can have a fantastic garden, full of veggies, that will save you tons of money in the winter!

I hope you enjoyed this update garden blog, its crazy to think that fall is right around the corner.

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Interested in collecting seeds?

Leave a comment if you collect your plants seeds for next years garden!

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Got a question or a topic!

Lets hear them.

Together as moms we can acheive anything!

Till next time have a great day, and a wonderful DIY making weekend!

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I always heard, if you can make it DO IT. When I sat down and seen what I was spending on some products it seemed really silly. Why am I paying so much for something I don’t even know whats in it. To know that there is so much of a cost price just due to the time of year, where it was coming out of, and what was supposed to be awesome about it. It really made me sit down and think “how can I do this better.”

Hi and good morning and welcome to CLASSY CLASSICS BY KANIDS!

I will start by saying a little bit about myself! A few years ago I was trying to have a little more, I was budgeting and trying to have a clean house at the same time, while keeping kiddos content lol!

Times have not changed this alot, I love making my DIY products, I am a mother of 4 kids ages 11,9,3,and 1 1/2! I have been married for 12 years now!

When I sat down, I had quickly learned how much I was spending on cleaners. I knew they added up, but until I had sat down and looked close I hadn’t realized how much! I had then hoped onto trusty pintrest created a board and went to work.

Have you been following the other blogs? There is budgeting blogs that follow this one!







These are all little tips and tricks that I have learned while we were pulling ourselves out of debt. Go have a read, on how you can start a debt free life!

There is many ways of why you may want to start making your own products. There is so many things that one can make to either save money, or even just have a healthier enviroment! There is really no limit to what you can make yourself!

I am one to make more home products, I don’t do a lot of house decor (which I would love to start), I do more homemade cleaning and meal prep products.

Some of my favorite DIY’s that I have kept making and plan on to keep making are ones I found easy to make and will make a difference in your shopping trips!

I’ll let you know them and then we will talk about them with how you can make this in your home too!

Do you have some go to DIY products that you LOVE?

Leave it in the comment below!

First up is one I have in my life forever, its a staple in most grandmothers houses!


This mixture I have been using for SO LONG! This makes the perfect all purpose cleaner! You can spray this top to bottom of where ever you are cleaning, and simply wipe it down with a dry rag! This can be used on counters,cuboards, windows, fridge… I mean ANYWHERE!

All you need here is:

– a empty spray bottle

-white vinegar


– essential oil for scent

Simply fill rougly 1/4 – 1/2 of the spray bottle with vinegar, fill with warm water and add as much the essential oils for scent. This cleaner will only run you pennies per bottle! Yes, you will get used to the smell of vinegar lol!


This one can save LOTS of money, as if you are like me it seems as tho there is ALWAYS laundry! It doesn’t seem to matter what laundry schedual I put myself on.. or try too there is always something that can be washed. Ecpecially with 4 kids.

To make this one you will need:

– 3-4 sunlight laundry bars grated

– 1 box borax

-1 containers oxi clean

-1 container arm n hammer laundry soap

– 1 large box baking soda

– 1 container unstoppable jar

Grate the sunlight bars into a large container, simply pour the other boxes together. Use roughly one scoop per load.


This one I have been using for just as long as the other ones! I was always so horrified on how much a jug of fabric softener was! So I just never used it. Then I found this and now I don’t like washing towels unless I have some made, because it is just wonderful.

This one is very easy to make, and only takes about 5 minutes to make!

– 2 cups conditioner (any kind)

– 3 cups of white vinegar

– 6 cups of warm water

Mix all together in on old fabric jug, shake it up and use a cap full as you would the store brand.


It is no secret that baby wipes are not only pricey and deffintly adds up, but they are not actually that good for babies tooshies. I have been making these since at least my third kid lol. These are so easy to make, and so unexpensive too.

– paper towel cut in half to make 2 rolls of squares

– 4 tablesoons of coconut oil

-2 tablespoons of baby shampoo

– roughly 2 cups of hot water per half roll of squared                                                                ( 1 full roll of paper towel cut in 2 = 4 cups water)

Mix the water and oil with shampoo, and wet the paper towel. Sqeeze water out, and if you want you can unravel it to make it an accoridian style for easier access when using. Store in a ziplock bag, or a air tight container!


Make up is always expensive, then you add face wash, moisturizer and what ever else. Then to add at least $10.00 on for something that will make taking all the stuff off easier. I have been making my own wipes for years. These work great…. as long as you aren’t lazy while making them I have noticed. This has close to the same recipie as the baby wipes just less water!

– Paper towel cut in half

– 1 cup of water roughly

– 1 tablespoon baby wash

With these I need to point out that you should take the time to seperate the squares and not leave it rolled up in the roll, like you can when making baby wipes. These is the squares are not unravelled then they ALL don’t work as well, the ones in the middle just don’t have much oil on them! 

These are some of my go to DIY products, there is so much more that can be made, from homemade pie crust or tortilla shells, all the way to homemade hummingbird food, to getting you’re own seeds from the garden for next year.

Let me know in the comments down below, what is one of your favorite DIY’s to make?

Did you enjoy the blog, give it a thumbs up, so I know to do more like this! There can always be more blogs on making products.

New here?

Make sure you are following, and subscribe by email to get notifications on when I FINALLY get a blog up. I aim to have one once a week, however it is 2020 and I have 4 kids haha, so REAL LIFE happens here a lot I have noticed.

Got a question or a topic idea?

Lets hear them!

Together as moms we can acheive anything!

Till next time have a great day, and a wonderful DIY making weekend!

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Good morning and welcome back to Classy Classics by Kandis!

This blog is going to be fun, I am going to tell you about my top 5 money saving tips! When it comes to money, there is so many ways that you can save!

It also dosen’t seem to matter what the season is, or what month it is in play, there is always something that comes up.

Always a way for that money to dissapear!

When I had started my budgeting jouney, I had some of these in place already, some of them I had started to make a habit of, when we were diving into saving money!

These are my TOP 5 tips that I find can be the easiest to do, and can see some of the best results. They are also amazing as once you start using them you will continue to put them into play!

If you have not read the other budgeting blog, I would love to catch you up quickly!

When I had found ourselves in WAY to much debt a couple kids ago lol, I set out on how I could make our family not be living paycheck to paycheck.

How we could still have fun, make family memories, and still be paying off our debt. I sat down and did some homework, got some motivation, some reasurance that we could do it, and you know what WE DID IT!

According to Jordan Page ” you must live like know one wants to, to live like no body can.”

This is so true, and it can sting a bit.

However where there is a sting there is a bee, which means there is a flower, which means there is sunshine, which means there is a silver lining….. ALWAYS!


So what are some tips that I live by?

How are these little tips going to help? These 5 tips are ones that I grabbed in the beginning, I have kept them as a habit, for when money gets tight… as it does still time to time, they are easier to follow tighter!

These will help, whether its putting them all in place, putting some back in place, or just following them a little better, they will help you save some of your money. So if your interested then lets talk SAVING MONEY!







Remember these are the easier ones to quickly live by, to get the ball rolling to get your money on track!

Lets go throught them and talk a bit about them, how each one works and why I think its a great way to save money!


This one is easy, but time consumming depending on how much you MAKE IT! The easiest way to put this in place is in the kitchen.

However this one goes so much farther as there is so many things to make!


If you can make it vs purchasing it, it will be cheaper… not always but MOST of the time. This is items like:

-make supper don’t do take out

-make the filling, pie crust just all of it, make treats snacks!

-make laundry detergent and fabric sorftern

-make sandwiches or a picnic for the city days, take your own drink with you!

-Make the extras instead of buying them, learn to can produce, make your own relish, jams ect

-make decor and gifts

This step is a BIG ONE as it can be taken as far as the eye can see. It will depend on you and what you are wanting/ willing/able to do to save that money. I have made or tried to make A LOT OF STUFF!

What’s your favorite thing to make yourself to save money?


This one can be very useful. This is a great one to start in the kitchen also! How much do you think you throw out from your fridge in a week!

One of the biggest money costs expecially in Canada is our food cost! Now, if you aren’t scheduling a night for left overs that can add up, there is many ways to reuse leftovers.

Have tons of potatoes!

Make a whole bunch of baked potatoes, there is baked potatoes, hashbrowns, twice baked potatoes, mash potaotes and then if you still dont know what to do with them… FREEZE THEM.

To reuse something is not only for in the kitchen when trying to save money!

Is there something you are ordering or going out to look for?

Hop on pintrest first is there a way to DIY it, is there a different item in your house you can reuse before making a purchase?

It does not have to be permamnent but temporary until you have the money to get what you were looking at! Instead of containers under my sink I had used before velcro strips and kids cups as extra storage!



How much items do you put in your freezer! Almost everything that we buy can in one way or another can be froze. When I say to freeze it to save money, this is a great way to bulk shop some pricey items when they come on sale.

Make extra meals and label them pop them into the freezer and bam there is a meal when you dont have what you need to make something. To save time and money try to freeze extra foods, veggies in the freezer are great for stews or stirfrys, precook up meat and freeze it for easy access for another night.

If you have bulk chicken breast, cook them all up, toss them into your stand mixer with the dough hook it will shred it for you! Then simply cool completly and toss into a freezer bag and you have pre-made, pre-shredded chicken for any meal.

It does not have to be a meal that gets froze, but they are the fastest way to have something on hand, but at times having the ingredients froze can be just as handy.

4) Say NO

This one is a easy and a hard one. However it can be a powerful one and it can work on many levels. With saying no this can be used big or small. Try small if you have some problems saying no to some purchases.

So try saying no to one thing a day.

Maybe you buy a coffee, each day so….. try to take your own, then with the change that you said no to spending put that in an envelope or TRACK it and at the end of the week see what you saved that week with saying no.

Another way that you can use the say no is for big expences, I will say now that it is not usually the BIG PURCHASES that will make someone stay in debt, its the little day to day ones.

Anyways back to reality with using it with bigger purchases try to wait to see if you REALLY needed it or was it a “fun buy.” If you still need it, the next time or when it goes on a better sale, as most things will filter through sales about every 3 months or seasonally… depending on were you live lol.


This one I saved for the last, as most people don’t like to talk to me as much after this one HAHA. But, yes just as it sounds you are going to do a money freeze.

Now im not saying to go and pull out all your money to freeze your account, that is pointless and DON’T TO IT.

I want you to acually just don’t spend money! If you have a twitch then think serious lol put that card out of sight.

When starting with a money freeze don’t start long, this will not work. The magical thing about this is it is YOUR card can it can be done for any amout of time.

This can be done for a afternoon, 24 hours, how about 3 days, all the way up to 2 weeks. It is possible when you know how to do it to work for you!

Don’t know if you can?


Put that card/s in the fridge, put them right into the freezer, put them under your matress. Going to try for a longer period and don’t know how! Try doing a pantry and/or freezer inventory, make a meal plan, you will feel more confidnet in your money freezing time frame.

My favorite is a 3 day or 72 hour freeze. I feel 3 days is a great time frame to save MORE THEN YOU THINK you would, use up a bit of stuff that has got shoved in the back.

Remember these money tips, are just ways that I find really helped time to time, when I find our expenses are just getting a little out of hand. They are not forever…. but, with these they are all easy to keep doing, whether you are in debt or not.

Saving money is a day to day thing these days, but if you get into the habit now, these 5 things can help in what ever the money situation is.

Saving money can be hard, if it was easy then everyone would!

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to money!

Mine was the little stuff here and there. The walmart stops with no list… that kills our wallet.

There will always be something that we want, but when times are tough you have to be tough.

Ask yourself before you buy it:





These little steps, just as the money saving tips are just little ones that can make a big difference.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on MONEY SAVING TIPS!

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Till next time have a great day, and a wonderful money saving weekend!

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It doesn’t seem to matter, where I go or how I get there money is involved. πŸ’΅

When you are trying to save money whether its just a little bit or to budgeting extreme, it seems like there is more that one wants to buy when you know you can’t, or like me and everything in my house seems to break down at once!

Hi and WELCOME to Classy Classics By Kandis! β˜•

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I hope you will enjoy this blog about budgeting with some idea’s and tips that I find can really helps.😁

I started budgeting many moons ago, my hubby and myself had found ourselfves in way over our head in debt, when I had decided to change the ways we spent our money trying to get us out of debt these little tips and tricks of tracking and following were what had helped! 🐾

When it comes to money, tecnology is not everyones friend. I am a straight up work better with pen and paper kind of girl! I just recently started being able to do e-transfers and check my account on line lol. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

When it comes to spending money, do you track it?

Do you know in advance what you will be spending and where?

When it comes to budgeting big or little you must know WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING!

Did you read the budgeting blog? βͺ

Start there and come back to this… So you are looking to save money!

Have your budget all set out for the month? πŸ“†

I say a month in the beginning as most (expecially with 2020) are getting paid once a month. This is how I get paid, and most payment and bi-weely or monthly! πŸ“…


Ok still with me? 🀣

Great! πŸ‘

Lets start the actual blog then before I loss you haha.

For the budgeting envelope that is all you need an old envelpe and a marker! πŸ–


What you are going to do is with your envelope make a line down the middle, and then make 3 across to that you have 4 sqaures down on each side of the line!


Each sqaure is a week, so go ahead and mark the weeks in the corner of each box. This is how you will break down your month for spending as week to week is less intimidaing then a whole month.

With the other blog, it showed you how to find your budget for the month! With your set budget for “spending” you will use this with the envelope! πŸ“©

You can use cash or still use your debit either was KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS!πŸ“¬

On the first row that is representing the first week, put your gorcery/house budget here, then on the other side of the line put your budget for “other” here.

Now as the week happens as you are using your budget as you put your reciept into the envelope, go ahead and subtract your cost of what you spent on the amount you have on your budget.πŸ“ˆ

With this you can take money from your “other” square to your “grocery” and other way but DO NOT TAKE FROM THE FOLLOWING WEEKS! You are trying to save money not borrow week to week! πŸ’°

Lets do a little example:

Let’s say you did your budget ok and it’s:

πŸ’²400 grocery πŸ’²200 other πŸ’²600 bills


So breaking it down there is $100 per week for groceries and $50 for other per week!

There was a sale so you took $125 for the first week, so now you would have $25 for others for the rest of the week.

But, maybe with that sale you know will only spend $50 for groceries the next week. Now there would be $100 for others on the next week if you roll over the weelly budget. OR You can take any money you did not spend that week if you can and put it in for EXTRA debt payments! β›΅

The point is NEVER “borrow” from the following weeks, it will keep you in the snow ball effect, this is not how to get ahead! β˜ƒοΈ

If you are being diligent and keep your reciepts in the envelope when you spend the money, at the end of the week, or the month… however works better for you, this is how you can track ALL YOUR MONEY!πŸ’°

This will allow you to see where you over spend. If you go and get a treat everyday even att only $4.00, do that for a whole week and you spent $30.00 on that ONE TREAT! 🍦


Now that we have talked about the envelope it’s time to put it into action! 🎬

Take it with you, EVERYWHERE!

Put it in your car, purse, put your cash or card in it and take it with you! This is a easy way to track all your money!

When you purchace something determine what side it would belong to, and when your reciept goes in subract the amount and DON’T OVER SPEND! 🚫

No one wants to put things back at the till, or throw it out when you didn’t use it. ♻️

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Let’s get that wallet and budgeting dreams going.

2020 has been hard, but with some hard work it can still be a good year!

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Hi and good morning?πŸŒ…

Birds are singing, sun is shining and we are talking MONEY!πŸ’²

Have you checked your account today? Do you keep your receipts? Do you track your money to see where it is going?

I ask so many questions because money seems to be a fast moving thing (2020 or not). It seems I am spending money everywhere that I go these days. ⏸

Let me start with a little bit about myself and how I think I can help you get out of debt! Years ago my hubby and myself were in debt! Lots of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, with two kids at the time and we were just getting deeper and deeper into debt! That was that I had enough and I didn’t want to be in so much debt, not making it foward in any acounts!


We changed it, we had to change the way we lived, I got my big girl gichies on and set a budget! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Oil patch had crashed, I am a stay at home mom, life got tight, the budget got tight! β›ˆ




We did it, roughly 4 years down the line we were out of a TON of debt.


Why am I saying this why am I back doing this?

Fast foward life a little and here we are now with 4 kids, new dreams, new goals and new DEBT. 🌠

Not debt like before goals and dreams building debt. It is one of the easiest habbits to fall out of, I think.

So back to it I go!





Using hightlighters will allow it to be fast and easy when seeing what is coming in and out for what reason. Simply make a color code on the top of the bank statement, or in your budgeting book or paper! (Having this on hand when doing the outline will help.) πŸ“†


Now this is where you figure out your starting budget…. Take your income and subract your no wiggle room payments.

Where are you starting in the green or red. πŸ’²

When you have the “fixed payments” written down,now you need to go though your monthly bills. πŸ“š

These are a little more flexable month to month.

I say this as you can put more or less on each month…. I am working on credits on ALMSOT all my house bills. (I do this for seasons that are tighter… HOLIDAY months) The house bills that I refure to is bills like the gas, power,water etc. β˜ƒοΈ


If the money is still not easily accounted for this is where reciepts come in! For a minimum of one week keep your receipts, this will allow you to filter threw them and track a little more of the money. πŸ”Ž

This will let you see how much money is going into “other catagories.” πŸ“‘







-GAS (feul)



Now take your trusty highlighter and color code your catagories agian… πŸ–Š

but in brokedown ones….

like the examples above.

Where there is money going have it tracked into a sort of catagoy for you to filter through and cut down…. we will get to this step shortly!

This is a more consuming part but it will have the most impact I promise. πŸ—‚

Now that you have all of your money sorted, NOW WHERE ARE YOU?


You may need to make cuts, you might need to live a bit moe frugal for a while! However it will be WORTH IT in the end, your MONEY will be WORTH it! βœ‚οΈ

Now that you have your outline done, money coming in and out it’s time!

If you are in the RED you need to know how much extra you need to make, or how much you will need to cut back to make everything balance out!

How fast do you realistically want to be out of debt or be caught up on bills, or BOTH!

How much money goes into each space? πŸ“§

How much do you want to cut out? βœ‚οΈ

How much do you NEED to cut out? πŸ’΅

The kicker is know one wants to cut back, know one wants to not be able to spend money!


The more you work at it the quicker it will be paid off! I am not saying you will fly out of debt, I am not saying it won’t take time and hard work! I am saying that it is possible.

You will have to make cuts, to make it easier to put money in for bills and debt. Look where you can stretch your money! πŸ“ˆ

So, where can it be cut:

-grocery bill

-play money

-take out


It will get harder before it easier, it will be hard but its not forever!

If it was easy everyone would be saving money no problem!

What do you stuggle most about saving money? Comment below I guarentee you are not alone!

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Till next time have a great day, and a wonderful money saving weekend!

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Hello, good morning and happy summer!

Can you believe it’s finally summer, actually the season too! Since summer wasn’t actually till June 20th it was happily accepted here in Saskatchewan!

It was a pretty wonky start to June! With the wheather finally starting to get nice out, it’s time to get some summer drinks happening.

Summer is short in my neck of the woods, so when it’s time to open the windows and doors we are getting pretty ancy to get outside here!

Let me start with a little but about myself for those who don’t know me! I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids ages from 11 down to almost 18 months. Married and just trying to keep people happy and some food on the table lol.

When I say we are busting to get out, it’s not a stretch! In Saskatchewan we have what seems like 8 months or more of winter! That’s a long time to be cooped up in the house, so when the snow melts and the birds start singing it’s not crazy for me to say we are out side ALL day!

As my routines change for summer months ( routine blog coming), we are out side from morning to night!

Breaking up the day with still chores whether it’s inside or out, break time is always appreciated!

When its hot and muggy out a cold drink can be even more appreciated!I thought it would be a fun way to kick off summer holidays with some of my favorite drinks!

Mamma drinks that is! When I’m not sipping my coffee, as I always will have coffee, some days you need or want just a little something else.


These can be handy as you can make a pitcher and have it ready or just make a cup as fast as a pitcher.

Depending on your day, depends on what you need…Yes?

I am not into sweet drinks and so I have tweaked the drinks to fit me and what I like!

What’s your go to summer DRINKS?

Beer drinker?




Are you like me and it all depends on your mood, the wheather, and the chores of the day?

Let me know in comments what do you drink in the heat of the summer!

Also let me know if you liked the blog so I know to do more like this one!


Classic summer drink, let me know how you make yours!

– white rum

– lemons

– mojito leaves

– mint (any mint) leaves

– water

Score the leaves, cut and squeeze lemon put the lemon peel and leaves into the water after tho. Extra flavor and looks cute.

Fill with water ENJOY!

White Russian

– RYE OR vodka

– kahΓΉla

– milk

– cold coffee ( to have a type of ice coffee)


I don’t drink pop or much juice so work with me here lol

– Malibu Coconut Rum

– water

– juice for color

Don’t want to make anything?

What’s your go to cooler, or beer?

Got a good drink recipe?

Share down below, it’s summer holidays let’s let the sun go down as we have our good job drink!

If you do not follow go ahead and follow me for notice on new blogs.Want more follow along on Facebook Classy Classic’s By Kandis and Instagram under Kandis Blask, for more day to day fun.Till next blog, have a great day, amazing weekend and a productive week!