Happy 2022

Hello, good morning!

Happy Monday! How was your holidays?

This year was a good christmas! It was filled with great memories, great gifts, way to much food and some good drinks! This year was also a little different! The way that is was different was that I had my christmas decorations down before New years eve! This is almost unheard of for in my house!

Last year I had kept my tree up and made it into a Valentine’s tree! It was the cutest thing I think! I will leave a link for the blog… go check it out it was a cute and fun idea!

Valentine’s Fun!

So why the rush this year?

There wasn’t really a reason or a big rush however, this year like I said it was a great christmas. I has woke up tho one morning just after christmas. We has had christmas here with my husbands parents and brother, then boxing day we had spent with my dad! He is unable to come out to my house due to a knee injury he is still recovering from!

So, we did our christmas’s then for some reason I was good to end christmas there! I think I was conent I had said ” It was a great christmas and lets leave it there! Let’s let those memories be the end of the year!” Really I did!

With my hubby saying I could start with taking down the tree decorations I just kept on going! It really was just what I needed!

Now, that the new year is here I am still so happy that I took the time when I did and got the decorations but away and a clean start to the new year!

The last ocuple years have been a blur, as I am sure it has been like that for many people! These years have been a wonky one and I am ready to MOVE ON!

With the New year here I am ready to start 2022 with a wonderful start!

Do you make new year resolutions?

Do you ever pick a word for the year?

I had started thinking of word of the year a couple years ago and I liked it enough to keep doing it lol! I find it’s a nive way to sprinkle some possitivity and motvation on the start of the year! I also make new year resolutions however, I do that one a little different! I don’t do big lists of things that I might or might not do! I have been trying to take a couple spots in my life that I would like to work on and every month I will try to do something with that goal or try to incorporate it into my days instead of junping in and feeling like it will not work and just stop a couple weeks into it!

I aim to improve myself or my life vs changing big almost impossible tasks!

This year I had thought about it and, different words had popped into my head for the new year but, one word made my head and my heart agree on!

That word is:


This word I think is a good fit for me expecially for in 2022!

I had ended up going with this for a couple reasons. When I had thought of this one it had stuck with me in the back of my head even while I was thinking of other ones! With the last couple years we defentily had a couple twists and turns along the way! As i’m sure everyone had some unexpeced turns occur in 2021!

This year I know that I needed to be able to handle my days a little better! I do defentily have anxeity and tend to overthink and just struggle with my own thoughts throughout some days! This was doing no good for anyone!

This is why I am hoping and planning to simply just tyr to BALANCE my days! I tend to think that there is really only one way to do something! Everything should be done and done right! This is not the way I need to be thinking!

There is more and more reason when I think about it of why my word of the 2022 year is BALANCED!

As a stay home mom, a wife, trying to keep the kids fed and for the most part contect. With everything that we do as a mom and a wife we are then also ALWAYS reminded that we need to make sure to take time for A,B anc C! This was not a strong suit of mine, in the aspect that I will not stop until its ALL done! Which some and probally most days is not possible to do everything that we are told we need or should be doing!

I picked the work BALANCED to remind my self and to try too become more BALANCED!

If you try to do to much at once it will be too hard!

If you try to put to much on one side without a balancer on the other side then you tip!

The one thing that I have been telling myself is “It’s not about how much I can do, it’s about being happy when I do it!” I can’t be scared to fall when I know that I might fly! If I can learn to balance my wings then who knows how far they will take me!

How about you? Do you use a word of the year to help with any resolutions that you may of made for the year?

I am planning on having a wonderful year with more fun with the blogs and more content on my social pages! If you are ready I would love for you to join me in the 2022 year!

Follow along on the blog I have a goal to get my life more organized and our house running as smooth as we can with so many people and so many different age catagories! I will also leave a link for my facebook and instagram! I have set goals to be more BALANCED with the pages and to have more talks with ALL OF YOU!

Until next week!

Have a wonderful day, a productive week and a smooth weekend!

Bye for now!


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