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Balancing chores

good morning! Today's daily focus chore is a house tidy and clean the bathroom! DO YOU HAVE CERTAIN CHORES ON CERTAIN DAYS?

Happy 2022

Hello, good morning!

Happy Monday! How was your holidays?

This year was a good christmas! It was filled with great memories, great gifts, way to much food and some good drinks! This year was also a little different! The way that is was different was that I had my christmas decorations down before New years eve! This is almost unheard of for in my house!

Last year I had kept my tree up and made it into a Valentine’s tree! It was the cutest thing I think! I will leave a link for the blog… go check it out it was a cute and fun idea!

Valentine’s Fun!

So why the rush this year?

There wasn’t really a reason or a big rush however, this year like I said it was a great christmas. I has woke up tho one morning just after christmas. We has had christmas here with my husbands parents and brother, then boxing day we had spent with my dad! He is unable to come out to my house due to a knee injury he is still recovering from!

So, we did our christmas’s then for some reason I was good to end christmas there! I think I was conent I had said ” It was a great christmas and lets leave it there! Let’s let those memories be the end of the year!” Really I did!

With my hubby saying I could start with taking down the tree decorations I just kept on going! It really was just what I needed!

Now, that the new year is here I am still so happy that I took the time when I did and got the decorations but away and a clean start to the new year!

The last ocuple years have been a blur, as I am sure it has been like that for many people! These years have been a wonky one and I am ready to MOVE ON!

With the New year here I am ready to start 2022 with a wonderful start!

Do you make new year resolutions?

Do you ever pick a word for the year?

I had started thinking of word of the year a couple years ago and I liked it enough to keep doing it lol! I find it’s a nive way to sprinkle some possitivity and motvation on the start of the year! I also make new year resolutions however, I do that one a little different! I don’t do big lists of things that I might or might not do! I have been trying to take a couple spots in my life that I would like to work on and every month I will try to do something with that goal or try to incorporate it into my days instead of junping in and feeling like it will not work and just stop a couple weeks into it!

I aim to improve myself or my life vs changing big almost impossible tasks!

This year I had thought about it and, different words had popped into my head for the new year but, one word made my head and my heart agree on!

That word is:


This word I think is a good fit for me expecially for in 2022!

I had ended up going with this for a couple reasons. When I had thought of this one it had stuck with me in the back of my head even while I was thinking of other ones! With the last couple years we defentily had a couple twists and turns along the way! As i’m sure everyone had some unexpeced turns occur in 2021!

This year I know that I needed to be able to handle my days a little better! I do defentily have anxeity and tend to overthink and just struggle with my own thoughts throughout some days! This was doing no good for anyone!

This is why I am hoping and planning to simply just tyr to BALANCE my days! I tend to think that there is really only one way to do something! Everything should be done and done right! This is not the way I need to be thinking!

There is more and more reason when I think about it of why my word of the 2022 year is BALANCED!

As a stay home mom, a wife, trying to keep the kids fed and for the most part contect. With everything that we do as a mom and a wife we are then also ALWAYS reminded that we need to make sure to take time for A,B anc C! This was not a strong suit of mine, in the aspect that I will not stop until its ALL done! Which some and probally most days is not possible to do everything that we are told we need or should be doing!

I picked the work BALANCED to remind my self and to try too become more BALANCED!

If you try to do to much at once it will be too hard!

If you try to put to much on one side without a balancer on the other side then you tip!

The one thing that I have been telling myself is “It’s not about how much I can do, it’s about being happy when I do it!” I can’t be scared to fall when I know that I might fly! If I can learn to balance my wings then who knows how far they will take me!

How about you? Do you use a word of the year to help with any resolutions that you may of made for the year?

I am planning on having a wonderful year with more fun with the blogs and more content on my social pages! If you are ready I would love for you to join me in the 2022 year!

Follow along on the blog I have a goal to get my life more organized and our house running as smooth as we can with so many people and so many different age catagories! I will also leave a link for my facebook and instagram! I have set goals to be more BALANCED with the pages and to have more talks with ALL OF YOU!

Until next week!

Have a wonderful day, a productive week and a smooth weekend!

Bye for now!


Merry Christmas

Good morning!

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

How was your weekend? Did you survive?

This Christmas I didn’t try as hard and I want to phrase it that way! I want to phrase it this way because, I did everything that I do every other year! I still made sure there was a ton and a half food, all the gifts were done, stalking set out all of that was done!

It was the things in between that I didn’t do this year prior to lots of other years. I try to change things up to a degree every year I’ll try something a little different or I’ll skip something or add something. This is my way of trying to figure out how to get a smooth Christmas LOL

Nevertheless, this Christmas was another wonderful memorable one for the books!

This is not going to be a long blog I just wanted to hop on here make sure everyone survived Christmas and I just wanted to say from my family to yours Merry Christmas have a wonderful new in be safe have fun and have a wonderful start to a new year!

I have lots of different ideas coming for the new year we had is completely scrambled and that’s a perfect way to end a scrambled year I think LOL.

I hope you will join me in the New Year for all the fun that I’m hoping and planning on having on classy classics by Kandis. I hope you have a great day, I hope you survive the kids winter break make sure you have some wine no and then and make sure take some time for yourself and have a wonderful Christmas break!

Until next week:

have a wonderful day, a great weekend and a production week!

Bye for now!

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Hi and good morning!

Whoop whoop it’s almost Christmas! It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner now! It doesn’t seem like a year a ago that I was cleaning and and checking out all the goodies from last year!

I remember telling the kids that Christmas was over and it was only a year away! Then boom here we are again with very little that has changed I find! I am trying not to be to ancy or grouchy this year! There is nothing to be granky about I think really it’s freaking Christmas time!

I always find it kind of funny how it is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” but, it is probably one of the most stressful time of the year! I should say that I don’t know if it’s the stress after the holidays that make it seem so crazy or if it’s that I put so much stress into it that makes it crazy! Does that make sense?

I find another thing that part is all of my kids birthdays are in the winter and kind of been slipping with birthday parties lately. I think some of it has to do with covid in the back then there’s just rules everywhere now. It makes it hard to plan a birthday party! My next birthday party is my two little ones they actually are born 2 years and 5 days apart LOL oh yeah lots of cake. Winter is not the diet time in this house I tell you.

This year it wasn’t really stressful I’m not close to being done and I should be stressed out oh, I think it’s okay though all you know I got most of the gifts bought most of them all oh, it’s just mostly my Christmas baking that I have to do which I don’t know why it’s making me feel stressed because it’s not like it’s hard to make Christmas cookies!

This year I’m really excited about just trying to enjoy Christmas with all the kids. I think it’s hard to that true that year kids are good but they still drive me bonkers through the year and so when Christmas time comes around seems like it’s being such a short year but such a busy year.

I think that’s the reason why I’m a little more and see this year is just that 2021 is almost over bad and there’s still a bit to do before I’m ready to do 2022. Now don’t get me wrong I’m excited about 2022, bring on the new year out the old in with the new but it’s still the end of a whole year. I sit here and I’m like what did I do that whole year and it seems like there’s not a whole lot on my list but I know that there is. It was just one of those years I think. Did you notice that as you got older the days just blur together months just blend in together.

This year there was definitely some emotional roller coasters happening but,. Tends to happen at this time of the year for a lot of people. This year for Christmas I just want to be can’t be around my children drinking my coffee and enjoying them opening their stockings and presents.

I am trying to leave 2021 and I cannot be plays hoping that I can bring in 2022 and a happy place! I have been racking my head around my different sayings or my word for 2022 as I do love doing I don’t always stick to my word on my phrase depending on what it is but just like New Year’s resolutions I try!

There’s a lot of stuff like I said to finish up for 2021 but I am set to try to make the end of this year as great as I can to make the beginning of next year as absolutely great as I can!

Until next week I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I hope you have peace and happiness and some wonderful coffee. Have a great day a, wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now.

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Good morning, happy Monday! How was your week?

It’s hard to believe that it is DECEMBER already! The year really flew by tho, well I think so! When I think about the last year I have to think that yap it went by fast! Another crazy wonky year but, I am looking forward to 2022!

This year I am trying to be jolly but, it’s not as whoop whoop! There is just a lot of loose ends to tie up for the end of 2021!

When in doubt put tinsel up lol! I did my decorating before December again this year but, for different reasons!

I had said in a previous blog that my son wants his birthday at his grandparents house this year! With that coming up well he has it when you are reading this his birthday is the beginning of December!

I have not set up our trees yet! Yap, Trees! lol

Let me explain this one! Last year we were not going to get a real tree! Now we have always had a real tree. 🌳 I grew up with only a fake tree and my husband only had real trees!

So, when we had got a fake tree and set it up my hubby didn’t really jive it so off him and our son went to get a tree! Well my fake tree was already up and dedicated right so, we had 2 trees haha. A kid one the fake tree and then the big one for the presents the real tree! How this happened was we had some friends over on night while talking about getting a real treeand I had said that I I think we should just keep both then and they could still go out and get a tree but, I felt that we should do both with a room of girls it was no big discussion and we then had two trees!

This year I still have all intentions of having both trees on just not sure on if they will be both in living room again!

I has thought about not decorating until we were back but then I would not of been putting up any decorations until the 7th! This would of been fine don’t get me wrong but I didn’t want to come home and need to feel rushed vs taking the days that I did!

The weekend after the 7th we are going to look for our rear tree so I feel I would of felt rushed on this!

We also had a toy pickup at toys R us on our way home! So that is another reason with so many packages coming in I didn’t want to have too much on my plate!

I already sat down and broke up my weeks! This is one of the tips for saving money through the holidays!

Did you catch last week’s blog on HOW TO SAVE DURING THE HOLIDAYS? I will leave a link down below!

To break down your weeks to put your tasks in each week will not only save you time and stress but it will save you money! This is because if you have the time to prep and do something the chances are you won’t spend the money to go and buy vs doing it at home!

Back to the point is I didn’t want to much going on that I already know would of been overwhelming and hard to do it all!

With all of that said I think it’s a good time to show my Christmas decorations! A lot is years old some sitting at almost 40 years old lol, I do hit the dollar stores and get asked new peices every year because we’ll I can lol! There is usually something…. as long as I get there early enough in the season… that catches my eyes and I want it lol! Yes Christmas problems lol!

Let’s start some Christmas decoration pictures!

If some of the pictures for some reason don’t load on the page then just click it! It should load the pictures from what I can tell lol. Stay with me I’m not the best computer person lol.

This is set kinda from walking from one end to the next in my house for the decorations!

I hope you enjoyed my holiday post! I will leave links for my other pages down below come join over on the other social media pages I try to post more personal daily tasks and goals. What I’m using to clean and some tips and tricks with it all.

Hope this struck some holiday cheer and some holiday motivation!

I would love to see your favorite decorations!

Until next week

Have a great day, a wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now! how to save during the holidays

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How To Save During The Holidays!

Hi good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Did you happen to catch last week’s blog about holiday prep?

I have been slowly very slowly starting to think about my Christmas prep and in between all of that I still need to try to get Christmas presents and not go broke for food and bills still to come!

Does this sound familiar at all? I find the holiday season it’s either all or nothing it comes in big bulks of everything all at once with a flipping bow on top!

Through the last couple years and adding a couple more kids I have learnt that there is definitely some budget-friendly things that I can do around the holiday season that really nobody’s going to notice miss or argue over!

I am here today to hopefully give you some positive vibes when it comes to holiday season!

Some of these things I put into full force through the years that we were pulling ourselves at a dead tons of debt, you guys and you know what though we did! That’s not my story here today but oh, I have kept some of these budget-friendly tips and tricks in my life and I don’t know if I will ever let them go now!

The first but I have to say is the most important one for holiday season is too


This one can be done as detailed or as little as you want but the more detail in the more budgeting that you set out the more success you will have at the end! It can be hard not to just go and grab whatever toys you think whoever is going to watch and toss some of the cars but you know what reality check is if it’s all about budget sorry it’s out of the budget! If it’s in the budget and that’s the only gift at the kids going to get well then you have to make a choice oh, nobody said anything was fun or easy especially around the holidays. So one of the first things that I do is to set out of budget for presents.


This is something that I find really creeps up into the budget without overly expecting it! I don’t know why I don’t expect it every year who just keeps going up and up and up so not getting cheaper and just like everything around the holidays who didn’t get much cheaper just like those toys aren’t cheaper! So, I like to sit down and figure out what you were going to eat and when. What are you going to have Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, what cookies are you going to make what desserts are you going to make! I like to do this because then I can see how much I have in my pantry maybe you can go off of your treats and food from just what you already have and just do fillers! If you have recipes that you were wanting to do it is usually so much cheaper depending to make your treats your cookies for the holiday then to go and buy from the store! Maybe you don’t beg at all that’s okay most baking that you can buy almost all baking that you can buy you can freeze. This is where you need to start looking for these goodies on sale ahead of time and freeze them for the holidays. I guarantee you nobody is going to know if those sugar cookies came out of the freezer the night before or if you had made them.


This is something that does not see important until it is! When doing this I find it is good to break up your week to how you would for your house! So, I mean if your weeks are a typical Monday to Sunday then that will be how it is broken up! However, not everyone does! If your week ends on say a Wednesday because of shifts or what not then that is how you will break your week up! This is too make your weeks more productive not to try to do more! This is to allow you to figure out not only the items or baking supplies or whatever it is that you’re doing that you need bit, also allows your to find a time to do it! Hopefully with less stress and chaos! This will help save money because, if you have the time to prep and the time to do it you will be less tempted to just go out and buy what you were going to do okay. If you have a time scheduled to make sugar cookies you will more likely make those sugar cookies vs going out and buying some!


I have heard of all sorts of different cash back apps that you can use! I do find it harder to find one that you can use in Canada. There might be more maybe I just didn’t look as hard as what maybe one could LOL but, they are out there! They are wonderful apps who doesn’t want money back for shopping? And I do use one maybe that’s why I’ve never really dove into finding more because there is one that I used and it works and it’s awesome!This year why not make money buying Christmas gifts!
Try Rakuten! You get money when you sign up, and then you get money when you spend your first certain amount! Double money starting up and using it. They pay you a check every quarter of the year and all you do is sign into the website and they have thousands of stores that they have partnered with that you get a certain percent cash-back when you purchase something online! I use this every year Amazon orders and kick myself in the butt because I forget to use them all through the year and not just at Christmas. I will have the link here and at the bottom of the blog!


Christmas time it seems got the prices go up and then they kind of seemed on sale and then they go again! I find this happens through months of Christmas prep! Everything is starting to get a little better price, and then you have Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then it seems like everything goes back up in price the last couple weeks if you really need it before Christmas! Don’t worry about not getting something as soon as it is out! Depending on what it is mind you! But, most of the time you can shop around and find a little better deal if not the same price! Something that I have learned is to look for the shipping and how fast it comes! If you are in a store use a app to look for better deals in the area! I used to use the app flip! This allows you to price check an item in a area instead of driving to the stores to price check! Use the sale days black Friday and cyber Monday are times that I will try to get some hard to find or pricier items!

Those are some of my holiday saving tips that I have found really help me out around this time of year. This time of year gets hard all of my kids birthdays in the winter we have one in December, two in January and one in February so winter gets busy and expensive fast.

Do you have some Christmas shopping advice?

I would love to hear how you keep a budget intact for the holiday season.

Do you start your shopping early?

Do you do it all as close to Christmas as you can?

Make sure to head over to one of my social media pages to follow along for the Christmas fun that is going to be occurring in my house. I love Christmas I find it a very fun holiday for the kids and it’s a great reminder to be adults to just have fun. This is something I have to tell myself all the time not to make myself crazy over Christmas, Christmas is all about family and the love and being together and for some reason I still stressed like a crazy pig LOL.

I tried to post your daily tips and tricks cleaning motivation In This Moment In Love with life over on my Facebook page. Make sure to head over and follow the page, I also will have an Instagram link so I don’t use it very much but it’s there. I will also have a link of for Rakuten at the bottom and a link for monat there is also some really good Christmas deals happening over there too.

I hope you are having a great day I hope you bought some fun times planned over the next few weeks!

Until next week

have a great day a wonderful weekend and productive week!

Bye for now!