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Hi good morning!

Welcome back or Welcome if your knew!

I am Kandis! I am a Saskatchewan mom of 4 kiddos! I am married for 13 years now and I am in love with my coffee, planner, organizing and routines! I am totally into making shelves look pretty and categorizing stuff!

It is funny because I love organizing this is something that I have started so many chapters in my life with and I still learn new stuff every time I join in any organizing things! There was a organizing session not that long ago that re-motivated me!

The start to ME!

There is always little key sayings that’ll pop out and stick with you as you were watching real learning or just learning something new expecially when you’re passionate about it you’ll always pick up on something else that sticks out to you as you form habits with the older stuff that you learned!

Couple things that really stuck with me this last organizing seminar is to not get frustrated if you don’t have time to do all whole project that once! This is something that as really stuck with me for a years and I tried to encourage everyone that I help organizing with two know you don’t have to do it all in one day! One of the biggest organizing things that I do is that I work or try to work shelf by shelf! Corner by corner, just little bits at of time.

Another thing that absolutely stuck with me and this is a new one and I will probably always remember it now is that it’s okay to know when you were busy being busy! Let’s think about this let’s reread this:

Try to figure out or putting your planner or in your schedules:

what time are you busy being busy!

This phrase literally changed my life right now! We all know that we’re busy as for the day we all know that we have crazy hectic lives! But, to be able to run a really nice strong schedule I’ve realized she’s right and I need to start realizing and actually scheduling around my busy being busy times!

The same comes with organizing there was always something that will need to be organized. To be reorganized to be cleaned out, purged all of these things are a constant thing to be doing.

How I try to keep my organizing continuously kind of rolling is that every week I have a different room that I work on for my room zone, and so it then everyday or even just wants a week I will think about what space in that room needs to be organized or purged and then what needs to be cleaned or deep clean disinfected whatever the case maybe for that room.

To organize one shelf I know I usually only will need between five and 15 minutes depending on where I am working. And so I will try to figure out what the best time is me to take this Five to fifteen minutes to get the organizing done and then I know that it is done for that month. I say month because every week I go into a different room and so once a month I usually get into almost every room.

When it comes to work and I think you do not need to spend hours upon hours and days and days getting the stuff done. This is not how typical working people would get their house organized. Start small start with whatever time for a new half it takes me literally 2 minutes to clean out my cutlery door, or so organized our hair brushes. 2 minutes! If I tell myself I can not do something for 2 minutes I need to read look at my times and my priorities LOL.

Throughout November I am going to be breaking down a lot more of my organizing strategies and Deborah tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years.

Is organizing something that you thrive on or is it something that you struggle with?

What is something that you struggle with when it comes to organizing a space in your house?

I hope you will follow along through the organizing sessions of November it is truly a passion of mine and I look forward to organizing my spaces with all of you!

If you don’t already follow me make sure you follow the blog and, make sure you are following me on Facebook or on Instagram. I have been using Facebook a lot more than I am right now but I am on there once in awhile LOL. I will leave the links down below oh, I tried to post a lot more day today Mom life topics!

Until next week

Have a great day, a wonderful weekend, and a productive week!

Bye for now.


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