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Halloween is always such a fun holiday I fine! Between all the ghosts and witches costumes and all the yummy candy that yes I take from my kids oh, there is just so much excitement about Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays it’s not my only favourite holiday because I love all holidays lol, but there is something super fun about being able to be anything you want for one day of the year!

Hi I’m Kandis welcome if you are new and welcome back if you are a follower of classy classic by Kandis. I am a stay-at-home mom of four kids ages from almost 13 down to almost three! It is never a dull moment in my house it’s always a zoo oh, I tried to convince my husband that we should just go as a zoo because I would be so comfortable with this because it’s literally how my house rolls!

This year I didn’t go as all out as what I sometimes do for Halloween oh, it’s still a very crazy time with all the pandemic stuff and, for the fact that I couldn’t send baked goods to the school we actually didn’t send anything this year because I wasn’t going to the store to buy anything! Not the best mom moved but I have never thought goodies to take for the school so I figured why this year I guess I don’t know! The big kids did dress up for class though so that’s fun at least and, we of course are going trick or treating! My daughter actually tried not going trick-or-treating this year and I laughed at her and I told her how am I supposed to eat all your candy if you don’t go and get me any LOL true story!

For this Halloween blog I thought I would just give you a little tour of some of the decorations that we set up this year they are really fine, my pumpkins did wonderful this year and I forgot to post to sell online again Story of My Life… So, this year the big kids get to carve their own pumpkins the, littles will do some with all of us! Then if I don’t want to cut the carved ones down for the freezer I can just do some for jut the freezer! Yes, I actually did good on my pumpkins in the garden this year!

The big pumkins we did as a family and the middle one is my second oldest! He did fantastic!
My daughter did hers at a Friend’s house this year! They did so good!

As far as goodies and treats and the house this year I kept it pretty basic! We had some cupcakes that I colored orange and tossed some green icing in it! We also just did some goodies and movie nights over the weekend! We also went and checked out a corn maze and kid activities!

All the kids had fun on this bouncy house!
Fun in the maze!
What was left of them lol! How awesome is that plate I found this year! 😍

That was our Halloween it was a slower Halloween, but it was definitely a good one!

How was your Halloween? 🎃

I will have some decoration pictures below of some that I did in the house!

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Until next week, have a great day, a wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now!

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Hello and good morning!

This week has sure been a blurr, the garden is coming out, organizing hq sessions is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is coming fast… in Canada!

We do Thanksgiving October here, not November! It can make the months definitely fly by!

Some fall decorations this year! I love this one I did up!

I thought with all the crazy times of the holidays coming up…. like the next 3 months is big holidays! Whoop whoop! I should really be trying to get ready to be back inside!

I don’t head outside near as much in the cooler days and winter days here in Saskatchewan! I’m not a big cold fan! Go figure I live where it can drop to -40°c and colder!!! 😱🥶

It is beautiful tho in the winter!❤

I find in between all the hustle and bustle of the big holidays, being inside not being active and in and out on the house in the garden and all the fresh air it really changes somebody’s mood.

It can be really hard to find ways to stay healthy are going to keep your energy up and to just stay motivated through the cold winter days. So, I’m really excited about what is now available to order in Canada through monat!

Monat is a company that specializes in Hair, Skin and Wellness! Their products are non-toxic and plant-based! I have been using it for just over a year and I will not go back to other brands I am truly so impressed and happy with these products that I do believe that it will change somebody’s way that they think of hair and skin products! I will leave my link for my monat site if you want to go and browse check things out read up on stuff you can always reach out to me on any products!

There was recently a launch for one of their wellness line and I’m so excited! I had to order it to try, another thing with monat is it is not sold in stores but, they always have a sale on! Every week there is an amazing sale! This makes it easy to get top products at a low cost!

Back to the product! This one is the collagen key! This is a all in one powdered formula to help maintain head to toe health! From teeth to skin it has the nutrients your body needs!

With the winter coming and life slowing down but getting busy at the same time! I find to get selfcare in can be tricky and with having limited time what do you pick for the self care time! This is a one scoop wonder that is going to save me time and money on my nutrition self care part!

I am too excited to try this I had to share it lol!

Have any questions about the types of products, what they target, what to use with what etc!

Ask away I am learning and loving it more each day!

Have a great day, a wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now!