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Halloween is always such a fun holiday I fine! Between all the ghosts and witches costumes and all the yummy candy that yes I take from my kids oh, there is just so much excitement about Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays it’s not my only favourite holiday because I love all holidays lol, but there is something super fun about being able to be anything you want for one day of the year!

Hi I’m Kandis welcome if you are new and welcome back if you are a follower of classy classic by Kandis. I am a stay-at-home mom of four kids ages from almost 13 down to almost three! It is never a dull moment in my house it’s always a zoo oh, I tried to convince my husband that we should just go as a zoo because I would be so comfortable with this because it’s literally how my house rolls!

This year I didn’t go as all out as what I sometimes do for Halloween oh, it’s still a very crazy time with all the pandemic stuff and, for the fact that I couldn’t send baked goods to the school we actually didn’t send anything this year because I wasn’t going to the store to buy anything! Not the best mom moved but I have never thought goodies to take for the school so I figured why this year I guess I don’t know! The big kids did dress up for class though so that’s fun at least and, we of course are going trick or treating! My daughter actually tried not going trick-or-treating this year and I laughed at her and I told her how am I supposed to eat all your candy if you don’t go and get me any LOL true story!

For this Halloween blog I thought I would just give you a little tour of some of the decorations that we set up this year they are really fine, my pumpkins did wonderful this year and I forgot to post to sell online again Story of My Life… So, this year the big kids get to carve their own pumpkins the, littles will do some with all of us! Then if I don’t want to cut the carved ones down for the freezer I can just do some for jut the freezer! Yes, I actually did good on my pumpkins in the garden this year!

The big pumkins we did as a family and the middle one is my second oldest! He did fantastic!
My daughter did hers at a Friend’s house this year! They did so good!

As far as goodies and treats and the house this year I kept it pretty basic! We had some cupcakes that I colored orange and tossed some green icing in it! We also just did some goodies and movie nights over the weekend! We also went and checked out a corn maze and kid activities!

All the kids had fun on this bouncy house!
Fun in the maze!
What was left of them lol! How awesome is that plate I found this year! 😍

That was our Halloween it was a slower Halloween, but it was definitely a good one!

How was your Halloween? πŸŽƒ

I will have some decoration pictures below of some that I did in the house!

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Hi good morning!

It is crazy to think that fall is around the corner! πŸ‚ I’m pretty sure I has just did a blog about planting the garden lol. πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎNow, the garden is dieing down and we are getting ready for leaves to fall time!

It is always a hard transition for me from summer to another season lol. I love fall, the smell of the crisp air the vibes, the fun decorations and pies! πŸ₯§πŸ‚

I am not a fan of the cold so, when it’s time to be getting fire wood and pickling or freezing goodies I know my tanning days are gone!

I shouldn’t say that is has been a very wonky summer/ fall. FUN FACT: Fall does not begin according to the calendar until September 22nd! πŸ—“Just saying! Hahaha

This summer it was a different year! There was so much on the go but, of coarse not all got done!

I tend to try to book my projects to the seasons I have some tasks that “overlap” this is so, when the weather changes I still have an idea of what I’m trying to get done before it too late and goes on next year’s list!

There is always tasks that need to get done at the end of summer, I guess these are coming up to my prioritize list soon. lol

When summer ends the chores get tight! With needing the garden out before its to cold! This year is extra important as I am doing extra steps in my garden this year to help me next year.

So my garden, is going to have to be pulled right away, let me know if you want to blog then about how the garden went?

This year I have plans on getting my garden cleaned out and rotatilled before the snow hits. This can be a hard sometimes because we don’t know when it’s going to start to freeze obviously but, especially here in Saskatchewan we have had some close to freezing and it’s already so it can be a tough call.

It is getting close the plants are getting lower every day! I have been pulling produce and every day check to see what is needing to come out! Cabbage is actually coming out next!

I got my fall decor box pulled to the front of my holiday crawlspace so, I can get some fall decorations up! I don’t have many but, there is not much time between “fall” decor Thanksgiving to Halloween so I never worried about it!

I thought I would do a good cleaning job around the house! Some dusting, wiping, sweeping and a good mop! Get everything tidied up then get what I have out and places too see if I want more! This is definitely not a need so, I try to make what I have work! The kids can always just make some decorations too if needed!

Do you decorate for fall?

Do you just wait till Halloween?

With this being still a “new” house since we just moved in about 3 years ago I am excited to make so many fun memories here!

I am trying to not make it crowded but, still look cute!

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Hi good morning welcome to classy classics by Kandis. I am a stay at home mom of 4 children ages 12 down to the age of two!

If this is the first time you’ve ever read one of my blogs hi, I am a basic, planner loving, routine needed mother. I love a good routine, great coffee and sitting down playing with planner trying to see if I can get my ducks in a row! Lol.

With school back in I needed to really get back into our night routine. This is actually an important factor I have been learning as I was trying to implement a nice bedtime routine for when my older kids went back to school and my daughter was still sleeping in until why I don’t even know when.

Do you have a night routine?

I try to be flexible with mine but I try to be consistent at the same time it’s a hard balance for me but I am trying.

I thought what better time then to sit down and write out a new routine or a evening routine then here then for a blog talk.

I found that summer was a different summer this year I’m not sure quite what it was or maybe it is just that I was busy and my brain had to be a little more flexible this year then some years but it definitely seemed to be a quick, dry go get it year.

My bedtime routine or my evening routine goes from the hours of somewhere between about 7 and 9 p.m. I have been trying to get the younger kids to bed a little earlier than 9:00 but they sure fight me on it they’ve always kind of gone to bed at 9 but, that’s just a little late for mommy sometimes. But, it might have to stay close to 9 depending on how smooth everything ends up going.

How to start!

The first thing I like to do when choosing a new routine is to figure out the top priorities of that time!

The top things that I know I had to have in the evening routine is:

  • Table cleared
  • dishes done and dishwasher started
  • kids cleaning or zone cleaning chores
  • snack
  • Teeth
  • Pajamas
  • bed time story

I will always but in even the most basic tasks as they do need to be done and they do take time!

This is the ideas that I had included in the 2 hours that is set out for the “evening routine”.

How do you set out a new routine?

This is something I will set out as a sample hourly set up, as the nights go on it will be easier to see what works when and, what might need to be moved or swapped with something else!

The nice thing about a routine is that you set it! You create it! You can change it to however works beat for your family!

The biggest mistake when trying to create a routine is to try to just do someone else’s. Now, it’s awesome to use the idea or outline but, don’t be scared to change it! It’s your routine make it yours! Not everybody’s lifestyle and hours are the same!

Find what outline works best for you and go from there!

Does a hourly work?

Maybe try a block system!

Maybe a schedule vs a routine!

The best way to start is to find the top 3-5 things that are top priority for you and build from there!

It’s just paper it’s all able to be edited or revamped!

I know that my routines will need to be worked on through the winter! There is definitely different chores as the seasons change!

I look forward to the new routines coming in with the new school year coming in!

If you would like to join me in the following weeks with the routines let me know! Like the blog, leave a comment, or just join the fun!

I hope this has encouraged you to try a new routine! I find it makes my days go a little smoother if I can get into a good realistic routine!

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Until next week have a great day, a wonderful weekend and, a productive week!

Bye for now!