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Holiday Prep!

Hi good morning?

Happy Monday!

Can you believe that November is almost over already!

This is the time of year I get more and more ancy about my holiday to do list! I am not sure why, it’s not overly stressful these years as it is getting smaller well simplified over the years!

Gatherings are smaller, treat are less too so I don’t just eat it all lol! I don’t worry as much about having so many kinds of cookies or if the decorations are perfect on the tree…. the toddlers will rearrange them daily anyways lol.

I think I get more ancy because my son has his birthday in the beginning of December and I’m always worried that I’m not going to make it as great as what I should because it’s close to Christmas!

I am always try to plan his birthday in November to get the ball rolling right, then for some reason November flies by and I have nothing planned yet!

This year I do have some plans and they are calm plans which is nice! My son wants a birthday at his grandparents house! l I thought was such a cute idea, they don’t live here but not super far so it works nice!

However, I almost feel bad now because he doesn’t want to pick a birthday party he doesn’t want me to try to rent some place or to have his friends over! I realize I shouldn’t feel bad about this because it was his idea and he’s really excited about it!

My days have been totally blurred together lately like I said I can’t even believe it’s the end of November already! Where did the time really go there? I have been trying to sit down with my planner and just get everything planned out all skippity boo and then I got to get into my planner and my brain goes blank and I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing! And then I get frustrated and overwhelmed hahaha.

The other day I just had to sit down and do a brain dump of not only the things that I to do but the places that I have to be! Not even like appointments and stuff like that other things like when I’m going to get to the city for groceries, when are we doing Christmas pictures and getting them ordered and sent out oh, what about Christmas shopping you know there is only two paychecks if being paid monthly until Christmas! Not to scare you but yeah!

Then there is still the daily stuff that needs to be done and, other running around!

Another thing that I’m trying to sit down and gather my head around is what cookies were going to make for treats what we’re going to do with Christmas meals! Just really trying to wrap my head around that who what where when and how of Christmas this year!

This year surprise surprise I’m not ready yet! I am not as worried tho or as stressed this round!


I was starting to get a little ancy when all of a sudden it is the end of November! However, I am trying to not panic at least not yet haha. I am planning on getting my lists ready, I am finally going to use my Christmas book I got A LONG TIME AGO lol its more of a permanent book vs the ones I have made in the past! I will post these over on my Facebook page, I’ll leave a link at the bottom!

I am trying to take each day step by step, and just wrap my head around what NEEDS to be done, what SHOULD be done and then WHAT I would like done!

I feel the next 4 weeks I am going to try as hard as I can to make my plans but have realistic plans for not only each day but each week!

I find I will get overwhelmed and not plan my days out as proper or productively as I should or could be!

I am excited about Christmas this year and I don’t want to just be a ball of stress and not enjoy it all this year!

Are you preparing for Christmas?

How early do you start?

I am going to start with planning then decorations and baking!

What do you start with?

I can’t believe Christmas is like 4 weeks away so so!

I hope you enjoyed the holiday blog! I will be sharing more of my Christmas prep through the next couple weeks over on my other pages!

I try to post more daily cleaning motivation, what I’m tackling, and just some mom day stuff over there too!

Make sure you follow the blog but, also follow over there too I will have the links below!

Until next week

Have a great day, a wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now