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EVENING ROUTINE! So Close To Bed Time!


Good morning! Happy Monday! How was your weekend!

That time of year is here again where it getting chilly and it sure gets dark so early!

The other week I had shown my morning routine… I will have a link below for that blog!

My evening routine has shown to be just as important in this house! For everyone here!

My evening routine usually starts shortly after supper! If everything went fairly smooth then we are eating at 6:00 ish and start our routine round 6:45 ish… lol!

The importance of my evening routine!

When it comes too this routine it shares a big part in this house! We have all learned here that this routine has to be a part of our night! This helps everyone out in the house, whether they like to think it or not! Everyone has a part in the house, more then others but that is due to the age difference between them!

I have also noticed that my littles do not have to do as much as the bigger kids did when they were little! This is something I am working on too involve them more and more into the routines and pitching in with the house work!

The routine is important here I feel so that everyone know what to expect for the night! When it comes to needing to continuously tell everybody what they should be doing it can get really hard and chaotic around here and then nothing actually gets done other than I’m annoyed. This way I can simply tell the big kids it is time for evening routine oh, they didn’t know that they have to go and do their zones, get on pyjamas oh, and just get ready for bed and, then they can have whatever free time until bed as long as they have their chores done. I also have the routines located on the fridge I also have a more detailed part in my home binder.

I find the night routine can really help set the next day!

I don’t like going to bed with a messy kitchen or an over messy house. I want to get up and enjoy my coffee without having to see all extra stuff I have to do before I start my stuff for that day.

I’m not saying that every single night all of this gets done not even close! There are some names that I throw in the towel and just head to bed but, for the most part these are tasks that I try to have done every night before I go and watch my Netflix!

Right now I am watching the show Mom on Netflix and I love it!

What are you watching right now in your downtime?


My night routine includes:

  • supper away
  • clean table and wipe it down
  • clean and wipe counters
  • load the dishwasher and wash any extra dishes
  • garbage out if need
  • tidy living room
  • tidy and quick wipe down of the bathroom
  • vaccume or sweep
  • spot mop the floors (some nights are just to mop)
  • pickup bootroom
  • kids showers and/or baths
  • kids bedtime routine

That is a quick glimpse of what my night routine consists of!

There is a bit on here yes! And this is where my kids zones come in to help me out. Each night the kids are to help with their zones usually between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. is when they do their chores.


The biggest thing when it comes to starting a routine no matter what time of the day it is is to start small!

A lot of the time I would go to start my routine and I would put so much on it that there was no way I could find the time and motivation to do it in the time frames that I gave myself.

When starting a routine, start with no more than three tasks! Usually the ones that will get added to an evening routine first will be chores that you’re already doing or want to do!

Chores like getting the dishes washed and possibly even put away, tidy up the kitchen who was the dirty kitchen cleaning up and maybe clean off the kitchen table or shine your sink.

Having just these three main chores we’ll make it so that when you wake up your house is just a little more inviting. As these chores become more and more of a habit then you can start adding more chores onto your evening routine.

Something that you will have to consider when cropping in your routine is whether you were going to do it when your kids are up or when they’re sleeping! Are they going to have chores to do with you or you doing it by yourself?


Habits take time! We all know this and making a routine a “hibit” takes time!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit!

When you’re starting a new routine I would start with one or two tasks that you really want done and that you want to make have it on you routine!

Then every week as your one or two tasks become easier and easier then that’s when you can add on another task! Keep adding tasks little by little for one month and that will give you four weeks to add tasks!

By the end of the month you should know what chores will work the best For What routine and you can just add and move your tasks as you see fit from how we or seasons change kids activities change all of that routines are meant to make your days better not to make you frustrated LOL.

Like routine? Let me know leave a comment or like the blog I would love to continue to do more of these it is truly something that is helped us a if my house and my sanity!

You can follow me on Facebook is where I post the most stuff I do have Instagram I don’t use it too much anymore, but I will definitely leave those links down below check them out. I tried to do a lot more day-to-day mom tasks, cleaning motivation organizing tips all of that stuff throughout the days. A nice way for moms to just know that they’re not alone and that all kids are kids and days can be hard but it’s okay mama it’s only a stage and we all need each other from time to time.

Until next week have a great day, a wonderful weekend and, a productive week!

Bye for now

There is stuff on the table all day lol its a dumping spot!
I use the kitchen for pictures as there is always something to do in it!
Always dishes right!
Warning ⚠️
a clean kitchen is highly addictive
Love a clean table for the next day!

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