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Good Morning! My Early Routine!

Mornings in my house tend to get a little crazy! I try to have all my ducks in a row and it will still end up being a crazy show!

I have 4 kids here ages 12 down to 2! My 3rd child just started playschool and the older 2 are in school! It gets bonkers here when mamma does not have her head on right!

This is where my morning routine comes in to help keep my mornings as smooth as they can and to help with my sanity lol.

When I had started trying to figure out my morning routine I had stared with just a couple tasks then, as they got easier and easier to complete them I then added another and anothe until I had my routine where I needed it!

There are some tasks that I realized that I maybe couldn’t tackle in the morning 😳 and, so those tasks got moved to a more convenient time! For example I took some zone cleaning out in the morning and put in extra learning time with the toddler’s!

What is my morning routine?

I always start my morning routine with coffee time! Yes, this is part of my morning as it helps me prepare for the day! I accorpotated my coffee time with my wake up time! I have coffee and planner time before I start getting the kids lunches ready!

Every morning I know I will:

  • plan my day
  • make my bed
  • get dressed and wash up
  • get the kids up and pack their lunch
  • unload the dishwasher
  • tidy the kitchen
  • start laundry
  • make the littles beds
  • play time, learning and story time
  • if there is time some organizing and/or zone cleaning

Some days I can fly around the house and get everything plus some done! Other days I don’t get anything but my basics done! That’s ok!

I am trying to remember they grow so fast! They will not always be here all day! That’s another thing all together tho lol.

planner time
A made bed makes my room feel cleaner lol
Unloaded and ready for the day!
Lunches getting ready…

There is so many positive aspects of having a strong morning routine that I cannot get myself to not have a morning routine anymore!

They can seem intimidating when they are getting started but, if you just start small but one or two things on that need to be done and they throw from there it will turn into a smooth sailing system that you will truly be thankful for!

I hope this encourages you to try to start a morning routine they are a great thing to have you!

Make sure to follow me on Facebook I tend to do more on Facebook right now I do have Instagram I just don’t use it as much but, you can follow me on the social media pages for more day to day mom life!

I will have the links down below I am trying to do more and more daily stuff on it as I get use to blogging life so Stat tuned for what I’m planning on an amazing year coming!

Until next week!

Have a great day a, wonderful weekend and a productive week!

Bye for now!


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